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Soundcheck review on RE3


A flexible wireless solution

RE3 is a new wireless system from Electro-Voice that looks likely to revolutionize the market.

The system works not only with handheld microphones, but also with bodypack for instruments. The focus of the manufacturers was practical use and road worthiness. We tested the system for our readers.

RE3 is a new wireless system from Electro-Voice that looks likely to revolutionize the market.

RE3 is a new wireless system from Electro-Voice that looks likely to revolutionize the market.


The predecessor, the RE2 wireless system from Electro-Voice, has already enjoyed a great reputation for some years now. At NAMM in Anaheim, the world's largest music trade show, the US manufacturer recently introduced the successor version, raising the bar even higher. According to the manufacturer's own information, the RE3 is a UHF wireless microphone system that delivers "world-class sound quality, flexibility and ease-of-use" and was developed in compliance with the latest HF regulations. In addition, even greater emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and suitability for life on the road.

Perfectly suitable for a life on the road.

Elegant and robust

It is clear from the very first glance at the RE3 that Electro-Voice has focused very closely on the microphone's field of application: both the mic itself and the receiver feature a robust finish that makes them seem ideally suited to the harsh reality of the everyday life of touring artists. The RE3 handheld combines a rugged quality aluminium finish with a sleek design that fits perfectly in the hand. The system has an overall classic look that makes a great impression in almost any environment. The design has also received a revamp compared to the RE2 version, however.

Flexibility is key

The RE3 series is not "just" a microphone set. Receivers and transmitters are available in a total of ten prepackaged sets designed for a variety of live performance and presentation applications. In addition to the handheld and headset version there is also a bodypack available that works as a wireless pickup for instruments like guitars and basses.

All sets include a 1/2-rack space Diversity receiver with aerials, universal power supply, rackmount kit, transmitter, batteries and an input device. The system is made even more flexible with an extensive range of accessories included. These accessories even allow you to build large, multi-channel systems.

The frequency scan on the RE3 receiver works flawlessly and is easy to use - the ideal frequency is detected quickly; multiple wireless systems can be operated with ease. The microphone version offers five handheld system sets and a range of different microphone capsules: the dynamic ND76, ND86, ND96 and the RE420 and RE520 condenser versions. The capsules for the handheld transmitter are not included, but of course can be purchased separately.

A total of five bodypack system sets for instrument and lavalier/head-worn microphone applications are available: The lavalier versions with OL3 and CL3 mics, a headset version comprising the HW3 mic, and the GC3 instrument cable version. In addition, Electro-Voice has a bodypack-only system.

Frequency raider and sound prodigy

Wireless RE3 microphone systems are also available for European countries and operate on the basis of different bandwidths. For example, bands in the 600 MHz and 800 MHz range are available for use here in Germany. The five detachable microphone capsules bring the familiar, much-loved sound of the ND series and the new RE420 and RE520 microphones to

any portable wireless system. To minimize the complexity of today's demanding HF environments, operating channels include the most common frequency bands, 5L, 5H, 6M and the free 8M.


The battery life proved particularly impressive during our extensive testing: the system is very energy-efficient and there is no need to constantly recharge or replace the battery. A charging station is also available on option - a handy feature that also protects the environment.

The long-lasting battery life is a major plus.

Dynamic Sound Pattern

In terms of sound, the RE3 also convinces across the board. The RE420-8M microphone tested by us performed excellently when it came to sound: the system's speech intelligibility is absolutely flawless on all tested capsules and the wireless sound is warm, direct and balanced and there is no interfering noise or radio hum at any time. The transmission from transmitter to receiver is reliable and free from any interferences, nor was there any annoying drops or delays during our test. This is assured by the transmitter's built-in Diversity receiving technology, which minimises the likelihood of signal drop by providing two separate aerial positions that are individually selected electronically according to signal strength and stability. In addition, the microphone head comprises the capsule "ShockMount system", consisting of a 4-point suspension combined with a aligned pneumatic pump. As a result, according to the manufacturer, noise is optimally reduced in order to avoid mechanical vibrations and any other noise in the mix. Indeed, the RE3 truly sets new standards in noise reduction.


The RE3 was developed for the highest sound and hardware requirements and fully meets these objectives in every respect. The robust finish, the classic design, great sound and wireless transmission performance make the RE3 a worthy successor to the RE2 series. The attractive price also makes it a winner in terms of price/performance, so it is bound to find plenty of fans very quickly. The different versions also make the system a true "all-rounder" and ensure that the RE3 will be of interest not only to singers, but also to instrumentalists. The frequency bandwidth also ensures that multiple devices can be used simultaneously without any problem. The available accessories play their part in making the Electro-Voice RE3 one of the most flexible wireless systems currently on the market

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