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Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL club upgrades with Electro-Voice and Dynacord

Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL club upgrades with Electro-Voice and Dynacord

Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL club upgrades with Electro-Voice and Dynacord

South Australia, November 2019 – Located in an historic building on the bustling foreshore of Semaphore Beach, South Australia, the Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL (Returned and Services League) club turned to Integrated Audio Solutions to assess and resolve a number of distinct audio-visual upgrade requirements. Charged with overseeing the RSL club’s entertainment and in-house audio-visual systems was Paul Glover. Paul approached Integrated Audio Solutions with a specification and direction that succinctly outlined the club’s present and future requirements.

System design brief

Foremost in the initial specification was the need for the audio system to provide smooth coverage for a seated audience of 110 patrons. The fact that larger performing acts typically bring in their own PA support was also considered. The system also needed to be easy to operate, with little or no technical input or guesswork required, to bring the very best out of the installed “small house” componentry. The installed system also needed to be as resilient as possible to accommodate the inevitable technology changes likely to occur in the future.

Audio system

To resolve the primary needs outlined in the brief, Integrated Audio Solutions’ Kostas Psorakis began the process of plotting the hall‘s dimensions. Given the historic nature of the venue, detailed technical plans for the building were unavailable. Kostas instead had the hall rendered in CAD in order to position the house speakers to optimize and precisely match the acoustic performance of the audio system. The fundamental system brief, coupled with Integrated Audio Solution’s CAD predictions, drove the imperative to install two full-range 12” speakers that could handle the RSL’s demanding performance expectations.

To meet these demands, the Electro-Voice TX1122 was selected. These speakers come highly regarded for their exceptional sound quality at high levels, extreme sensitivity (for full-bodied low-level background playback) and high power handling. The Electro-Voice TX1122 was the perfect fit. The system electronics driving the TX1122’s were then housed by Integrated Audio Solutions in a durable and purpose-built equipment rack. The amplification heart was delivered via the new Dynacord (sibling company to Electro-Voice) L2800FD DSP amplifier. This distinctive and well-respected amplifier has fully integrated speaker processing with FIR-Drive Technology, allowing component performance optimization and system protection.

Wireless microphones

Two Electro-Voice R 300 HD handhelds were selected as the wireless microphones for the project. These robust, all-metal, cost-effective radio microphone receiver/transmitter units come with excellent gain-before-feedback qualities. An antenna front-mounting extension kit was also incorporated to further maximize their performance.


The system was also designed to operate as two separate modes. This offered either “Band” and “Presentation” options or a combination thereof with extra inputs for use when needed

Dual-role system

The Semaphore / Port Adelaide RSL also required their new speaker system to be dual purpose and be portable enough to use at the occasional foreshore event. The pool room system centers on a pair of Electro-voice ELX200 12P self-powered 12 inch speakers. The EV’s were chosen for their efficient Class-D power amplifiers and matched high-sensitivity transducers, allowing for excellent balanced body, even at low levels. The high-powered and lightweight compact enclosures can very easily be detached from the installed wall pole mount brackets and utilized as a mobile system for the occasional foreshore events.

Final notes

At the completion of the update, the RSL is now a more accommodating space with a flexible audio solution that suits its functional and entertainment needs. The integration of Electro-Voice and Dynacord products simplified the upgrade and Integrated Audio Solutions have seamlessly addressed the RSL’s present and future requirements.

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