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Ellis Pro Media achieves "audio trifecta" of sound quality, value & support with X‑Line Advance installs

  • Both new construction and retrofit worship projects maximize performance within budget using Electro-Voice X-Line Advance X2 line arrays
  • In three years since adding Electro-Voice to their line card, Ellis Pro Media has experienced explosive growth in worship, retail and e-sports
  • Integrator David Ellis sees compelling “trifecta” of X2 sound quality, excellent value and customer support as a key elements of success

With a background in the highly competitive church market and an eye on new vertical markets, Ellis Pro Media has experienced explosive growth over the past three years. Based outside Tacoma in Fife, Washington, this innovative AV integrator has expanded its footprint nationally with an Alexandria, Virginia location. Both offices recently delivered successful house of worship installations based on X2 models from the Electro-Voice X-Line Advance family of line array loudspeaker systems.

The X2 just sounds so good and has so much output, yet the price point is so reasonable.

The X2 just sounds so good and has so much output, yet the price point is so reasonable.

Ellis Pro Media

For Park Valley Church of Haymarket, Virginia, Ellis Pro Media integrated a complete multimedia installation for a new 1500-seat sanctuary building, while New Life Church in Renton, Washington needed an update to the dated system in its main auditorium. Both projects needed to meet budget requirements while still achieving a high level of audio performance and functionality. Centering the audio system designs around the X2 proved to be the key to success in both cases.

Both sanctuaries utilize dual eight-box configurations of X2-212 compact vertical line array elements along with eight ground-stacked X12-128 subwoofers. Each deployment was, of course, customized to the needs of the room. Park Valley Church used six 90-degree dispersion X2 elements above two 120-degree models, while the wider dispersion requirements of New Life Church dictated three X2-212/90 over five X2-212/120. Both churches used low-profile Electro-Voice Xi-1082 loudspeakers above the subs as front fills, with the entire system networked together via Electro-Voice TG7 and TG5 amplifiers with RCM-28 remote control DSP modules.

Virginia-based Austin Hess, Director of Business Development for Ellis Pro Media, explains: “The key to making any major integration project work within a budget is value engineering to the client’s needs. For line arrays, the EV X2 rig delivers sound quality that’s everything you expect from the biggest brand names in pro audio at a reduced cost. All you have to do is close your eyes and open your ears. After the folks at Park Valley heard an X2 demo and then saw how it fit into their budget, it was a done deal.”

Both churches had additional sound requirements that were filled from within the Electro-Voice line. New Life Church utilized horn-loaded EVH-1152 loudspeakers in side fill and delay ring roles, while Park Valley Church augmented its system with sonically matched Electro-Voice EVID series surface- and flush-mount speakers in corridors, restrooms and offices.

David Ellis, founder and president, sees Electro-Voice as an outstanding business partner. “I’m always looking for value. With audio, that means what sounds best for the money,” he says. “What Electro-Voice has done with their line array and networking technology is compelling because they nailed the audio trifecta. The X2 just sounds so good and has so much output, yet the price point is so reasonable. EV dealer and customer support is also second to none, which is icing on the cake. They’re a big part of our growth.”

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