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Electro‑Voice EVA system modernizes Tempe’s Grace Community Church

  • Attractive six-box EVA arrays replace aging center cluster to provide even coverage across the 1,000-seat sanctuary
  • Integrator 5 Words Media used modeling software for system design and Electro-Voice IRIS-Net for implementation and control
  • Value-engineered system design uses EV-Innovation subwoofers and under-balcony fills for seamless coverage and full-range fidelity

Having moved on from traditional pipe organ, orchestra and choir to contemporary music presentations, Grace Community Church knew it was time to replace its aging center-cluster loudspeaker system to deliver its message more effectively. Technology director Jordan Cary consulted with AV integration specialists 5 Words Media, who recommended the EVA (Expanded Vertical Array) from Electro-Voice as the key to creating a sound system to fit their needs.

As an integrator, I can't wait to work with these speakers again.

As an integrator, I can't wait to work with these speakers again.

Value-engineered system design

“We’ve had coverage problems for years with the old system, with lots of dead spots,” says Cary. “In addition, we’ve moved from traditional to contemporary music, and we knew that a line array would be a good fit in our sanctuary. EVA combines the sound quality and visual aesthetics we wanted at a cost that allowed us to overhaul the entire sound system.”

Using modeling software, 5 Words Media designed a dual-array Electro-Voice EVA system for the main floor and balcony at Grace Community Church. The system consists of six EVA-2082S line array modules per side, with four long-throw boxes with tight six-degree dispersion above a pair of 20-degree versions for the near-field seating area. The arrays are augmented with EV QRx 218S dual-18” subwoofers and a time-aligned under-balcony delay ring of EVU-1082/95 ultracompact loudspeakers, creating seamless, full-range coverage with exceptional intelligibility.

“The clarity of the new EVA speaker system at Grace Community Church is a night-and-day improvement, and the price point let us upgrade other system elements, including the console and wireless mics,” notes Daniel Gourley, owner of 5 Words Media. “As an integrator, I can’t wait to work with these speakers again.”

EVA features hidden hardware and sleek industrial design for a clean, modern look. It also boasts an efficient internal crossover network for reduced amplification and DSP requirements. The system at Grace Community is powered by just four Electro-Voice CPS series amplifiers outfitted with three RCM-810 remote control modules and one Dx46 speaker controller to enable precise system optimization.

“The Electro-Voice EVA system that 5 Words recommended turned out to be the key to entire project,” Cary adds. “We got what we needed for the price we wanted to pay, and solved all our problems in the process. Coverage is now uniform, and everyone loves the sound quality. Dan Gourley’s team did a fantastic job of learning and meeting our needs, which really made the whole project a slam-dunk. We’re very happy with the results.”

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