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Midsummer Night's Dream Munich — an impressive audio and visual experience with sound by Electro‑Voice

  • 48 Electro-Voice X2 line array elements and 36 dual-18 subwoofers in eight zones networked via Electro-Voice NetMax processor – powered by new Dynacord TGX20 amplifiers
  • System performance “flawless” across 10-days of main stage performances for crowds of up to 11,800
  • 320,000 watts of system power on hand via just 16 4-channel amplifiers

For the third straight year, Mason Sound of Jacksonville, IL, supplied an extensive Electro-Voice X-Line Advance X2 system for the main concert stage at this summer’s Illinois State Fair in Springfield. For 2018, the system received a huge boost from the addition of new TGX20 power amplifiers from Dynacord.

As audio provider for the main stage, Mason Sound has come to rely on the X2 system to satisfy the diverse range of artists that play there. “This is our third year using the X2 here, and it just keeps getting better,” says company president Dave Mason. “With everything from country and pop music to hard rock and rap, it’s a great showcase. And adding the new Dynacord amps really took things to another level in terms of headroom, control and reliability.”

This is our third year using the X2 here, and it just keeps getting better

This is our third year using the X2 here, and it just keeps getting better

Dave Mason, President of Mason Sound

To cover the huge grandstand area from the infield of the racetrack, Mason Sound flew twin 18-box line arrays of X2-212/120 full-range elements, supported by 32 X12-128 subwoofers, deployed in two massive four-by-four stacks on either side of the stage. For nights when the extreme ends of the grandstand were filled, the subs were flanked by two outfill arrays consisting of six X2-212 speakers. Four Electro-Voice XLD281 line array loudspeakers were spread across the stage lips as front fills. The entire system was Dante networked via Ethernet and controlled through the Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 system controller.

Each TGX20 offers an unprecedented 20,000 watts of power across four channels, so just 16 amps were required to power Mason Sound’s entire system. With full networking and sophisticated DSP capability with FIR-Drive for speaker optimization, the TXG20 amps enhanced the X2 system’s ability to deliver cohesive, high-quality sound from the infield stage, across the racetrack to the 9,000-seat grandstand.

Mason Sound systems engineer Jason Hebron is a big fan: “Having 20,000 watts from four channels in two rack spaces was amazing. Last year we ran the same X2 system with 36 amps; now it’s just 16 Dynacord TGX amps,” he reports. “One rack of four amps powers both the main 18-box X2 arrays and the six outfills; another rack of four handles the 16 dual-18 subs. Plus everything is still fully networked, so you have total control along with headroom for days, which all the touring engineers loved.”

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