N8000 300 MIPS DSP expansion module

  • Enhanced DSP power for NetMax controllers
  • Adds 300 MIPS computing capacity
  • Easy field installation into chassis card slot
  • 48-bit signal processing
  • Two RAM banks (512k x 24 Bit) for delay lines up to 21.8 seconds 
  • Double-precision DSP algorithms. 
  • Automatic configuration via IRIS-Net with installation/removal notification

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Speaker & Electronics Catalog EN 18.91MB Jun 10, 2015 Download
NetMax Digital Matrix Brochure EN 5.46MB Feb 13, 2009 Download
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DSP-1 Engineering Data Sheet EN 66KB Mar 21, 2012 Download
DSP-1 Module Engineering Data Sheet EN 3.92MB Jan 27, 2014 Download
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