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3500 W/CH Power Amplifier

  • High-power performance for top-level tours
  • Rugged, lightweight package
  • 3500 W per channel (2 Ω)
  • Grounded Bridge Class-H design
  • Switch-mode power supply
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Front LCD panel for operation-mode setup and monitoring
  • Slot for optional RCM-26 IRIS-Net-compatible DSP and control module
  • 11-level protection package
  • Only 32 lbs (14.5 kg)


A/D Conversion 24 Bit linear, Sigma-Delta, 128 times oversampling
Amplifier Gain 41.5/35/32dB (Switchable)
Analog Inputs Yes

CAN Bus Interface 10 - 500 kbaud, 2x RJ-45 (IRIS-Net Control)
Channels 2
Continuous Rated Power (1 kHz, THD 1%) 2Ω 3500Watts
Continuous Rated Power (1 kHz, THD 1%) 4Ω 2500Watts
Continuous Rated Power (1 kHz, THD 1%) 8Ω 1500Watts
Continuous Rated Power (20-20 kHz, THD<0,2%) 4Ω 2100Watts
Continuous Rated Power (20-20 kHz, THD<0,2%) 8Ω 1050Watts
Control Protocol CAN Bus
D/A Conversion 24 Bit, Sigma-Delta, 128 times over-sampling
Data Format 24 Bit linear A/D and D/A conversion, 48 Bit processing
Depth 20.2" (512mm)
Digital Inputs Optional with RCM-26
DIM 30 0.02%
FIR-Drive Optional with RCM-26
GPIO Control Ports 1 x 6-pole Euro block, 2 control inputs, 2 control outputs, (+5 V, 200 mA/GND)
Height 3.5" (88.1mm)
Impedance 2/4/8Ω
Input Impedance (Balanced) 20kΩ
Input Sensitivity 0/+6/+9 (Selectable)
Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE) 0.05%
Internal Processing 2 DSPs (150 MHz, 300 MIPS)
Maximum Bridged Output 4Ω 7000Watts
Maximum Bridged Output 8Ω 5000Watts
Network Control (IRIS-Net) Optional with RCM-26
Power Consumption 1450 W
Power Supply 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Sample Rate 48 kHz
Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) 32 kHz - 192 kHz, internal Sample-Rate- Converter
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted) 111dB
Slew Rate 35V/µs
Topology Class-H grounded bridge
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%
Weight Net 32lbs (14.5kg)
Width 19" (482.6mm)

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