12" Subwoofer Cabinet

  • High-excursion 12" woofer with dual voice coil to accommodate L & R channels
  • 200 W power handling provides for 127 dB maximum SPL (133 dB Peak)
  • Crossover input panel included

The EVID-S12.1 subwoofer, from Electro-Voice, is a compact, high-performance, 12" (305 mm) woofer loudspeaker with outstanding performance for the most demanding professional and commercial sound

applications. Designed and engineered for use in background and foreground music, and sound reinforcement applications, the EVID-S12.1 is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bars, patios, retail, fitness clubs, hospitality, theme parks, leisure venues, and others.

The 12.1 subwoofer’s slot-loaded design allows for flexible mounting and placement while delivering the smoothest bass response possible.

The 12" high-excursion woofer, with its dual voice-coil design, enables both the left and right channels to feed into the speaker while providing crossed-over outputs for up to 4 satellite speakers at the same time.

If desired, the EVID-S12.1 can be powered separately for an even more powerful presence. The EVID-S12.1 features reinforced steel-fastener construction that allows for a variety of mounting configurations. The EVID-S12.1 is available in black or white, and can easily be painted to match the decor. All mounting hardware is included.

The wide range of EVID surface mount speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a variety of different surface mount constructions, and to be used in combination with other EVID ceiling and in-wall speakers.


Available Color Black or White
Connector Type Spring loaded
Depth 11.93" (303mm)

Frequency Response (-10 dB) 40Hz - 140Hz
Height 16.26" (413mm)
LF Transducer 12 inch (305 mm)
Max. SPL/1m (calc) 127dB
Nominal Impedance
Power Handling (Continuous / Peak) 200W/800W
Sensitivity (LF/MF/HF) 104dB
Shipping Weight 49.38lbs (22.4kg)
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Weight Net 39.24lbs (17.8kg)
Width 22.99" (584mm)

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EVID-S Brochure EN 691KB Sep 12, 2017 Download
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EVID-S12.1 Engineering Data Sheet EN 248KB Sep 5, 2017 Download
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EVID-S Surface Mount 12” Subwoofers Installation Manual EN 763KB Aug 25, 2017 Download
EVID-S Surface Mount Loudspeakers Installation Manual EN 2.24MB Aug 8, 2017 Download
Name Type Size Date
EVID Sub 12 PNG 633KB Sep 7, 2017 Download
EV Sub Family 01 b PNG 2.03MB Sep 5, 2017 Download
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EVID 12 fam PNG 10.25MB Sep 7, 2017 Download
EVID 12 fam Black PNG 5.65MB Sep 7, 2017 Download
EVID 12 fam white PNG 4.65MB Sep 7, 2017 Download

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