RE-2 Systems Packaged RE-2 Wireless Systems by Electro-Voice
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RE-2 Systems

Packaged RE-2 Wireless Systems

  • RE-2 Systems
The RE-2 Wireless product is available in eleven different system configurations packed in a hard, plastic carrying case. The systems include transmitters and microphones as indicated.
Frequency Band Estimator

RE-2 Systems are available in the following bandwidths. The from and to frequency numbers shown below represent the lower and upper limits of the system tuning bandwidth.

Frequency Spread NTSC TV Channel Orientation
Band From To Lower (from) Upper (to)
A 648.000 MHz 676.000 MHz 43 48
G 614.000 MHz 642.000 MHz 38 42

Selecting the proper system tuning bandwidth for your local area is very important to successful wireless microphone system performance. Please make sure to use our automated frequency band selector to help in choosing the most appropriate bandwidth for your area.
Use the Frequency Band Selector

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