RE-2 Systems

Packaged RE-2 Wireless Systems

The RE-2 Wireless product is available in eleven different system configurations packed in a hard, plastic carrying case. The systems include transmitters and microphones as indicated.


Element Condenser or Dynamic
Family RE-2
Polar Pattern Cardioid or Supercardioid

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Name Language Size Date
Microphone Catalog EN 5.69MB Jul 7, 2016 Download
Name Language Size Date
RE-2 Engineering Data Sheet EN 620KB Jan 18, 2011 Download
Name Language Size Date
Bosch Re-Banding Price List EN 14KB Nov 19, 2010 Download
Name Language Size Date
RE-2 Operating Instructions EN 412KB Mar 30, 2016 Download
RE-2 Operating Instructions EN 1.16MB Mar 30, 2016 Download
Name Language Size Date
Audio 101 - Microphone Basics EN 4.25MB Dec 13, 2012 Download
Audio 101 - Wireless Microphone Basics EN 3.52MB Dec 13, 2012 Download
Name Type Size Date
RE2 fmly ND767a RE410-trans PNG 183KB May 4, 2017 Download


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