N8000 1500 MIPS DSP Expansion Module

  • Enhanced DSP power for NetMax controllers
    Adds 1500 MIPS computing capacity
    Easy field installation into chassis card slot
    48-bit signal processing
    Three RAM banks (512k x 24 Bit) for delay lines up to 32.7 seconds 
    Double-precision DSP algorithms.
    Automatic configuration via IRIS-Net with installation/removal notification

The DSP-2 v2 is a DSP extension module for use in an Electro-Voice NetMax system. The module provides additional DSP for extending the signal processing capacity and additional RAM memory for implementing longer delay times or a greater number of delay lines.


Data Format 48-Bit
Depth 82.5 mm
Height 20 mm

More Specifications

Sample Rate 48 kHz
Supply Voltage +3.3 V DC, ± 0.3 V / 310 mA
Weight Net .005 kg
Width 110 mm