Interface Control and User Access Permissions  by Electro-Voice
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Interface Control and User Access Permissions

  • Interface Control and User Access Permissions
Often times, not all users of a system need or want access to all parameters or components of a system.  In many situations, it is desirable to control what users can see and adjust.  IRIS-Net allows the creation of up to 64 Graphic User Interface layers.  Within each project, individual users can be set up and granted access only to the specific areas of the project that are needed.  User access security can be defined by username, password or both.  It is possible to grant multiple users access to the same layers, while providing unique layers for each user as well.  This can be very useful in situations where there are areas requiring localized control, but it also desired to have a single, centralized and global control and monitoring point at the same time.  The user access and security features in IRIS-Net allow a programmer to give users access to the right components and controls at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access to critical control elements.
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