RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphones

When applications like rentals, small tours, referee systems, or tough environments call for a wireless microphone system with a mix of REV and RE‑2 features, the answer is RE‑2 PRO. Bringing sophisticated professional features to an affordable price point, the RE‑2 is a completely programmable, frequency‑agile system with one‑touch Auto‑ClearScan. Incorporating advanced features from REV transmitter platforms, the RE‑2 Pro allows more systems in one location, longer range, and more microphone head choices. With a price point between the REV and RE‑2 systems, the RE‑2 PRO offers an exceptional value in professional wireless. Whether you're performing at the local rock club, lecturing at a corporate seminar, or speaking in a house of worship, your wireless system needs clear sound, clean channels, and easy‑to‑use setup and operation. The Electro‑Voice RE‑2 has it all, combining professional power with previously unmatched simplicity. The RE‑2 takes frequency agility to a whole new level, and it ensures that your sound comes through without interference, drop‑outs, or compromised audio quality. A third generation wireless system, the RE‑2 is affordable, professional, and designed for those who are serious about their sound.


RE-2 PRO Bodypack
WTU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

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RE-2 PRO Handheld
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RE-2 PRO Receiver
RE-2 Professional Receiver w/Rackmount Hardware

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RE2 receiver front-trans

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