R300 Wireless Microphones

  • ClearScan™ — find the clearest channel available with the touch of one button
  • EZsync™ — infrared channel transfer from receiver to transmitter for easy and error‑free setup
  • PL22 cardioid dynamic microphone element for crisp, clear vocals in any application

Designed for the entry‑level professional, the Electro‑Voice R300 makes the benefits of professional wireless microphone performance accessible to a new category of users. With features like one‑touch ClearScan and EZsync transmitter update, the R300 offers professional‑class capabilities but is as easy to setup and use as any entry‑level wireless microphone system.


Handheld System - PL22 Dynamic Microphone

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R300 Brochure EN 561KB Jan 10, 2011 Download
Microphone Catalog EN 5.69MB Jul 7, 2016 Download
R300 Folleto Español ES 3.41MB Sep 27, 2012 Download
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HM-3 Engineering Data Sheet EN 709KB Oct 14, 2014 Download
R300 Engineering Data Sheet EN 908KB Oct 12, 2015 Download
RCC-PL22 Engineering Data Sheet EN 455KB Oct 14, 2014 Download
ULM-18 Engineering Data Sheet EN 405KB Oct 14, 2014 Download
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R300 flyer en Español ES 634KB Sep 27, 2012 Download
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R300 Quick Start Guide EN 118KB Sep 21, 2015 Download
R300 User Guide EN 897KB May 3, 2016 Download
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Audio 101 - Microphone Basics EN 4.25MB Dec 13, 2012 Download
Audio 101 - Wireless Microphone Basics EN 3.52MB Dec 13, 2012 Download
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