PolarChoice Wired Installation Microphones

  • User‑selectable polar patterns
  • Capsule voicings designed for maximum voice intelligibility
  • Unique variety of wired and wireless models
  • Versatile switching to accommodate various application conditions

Available in a variety of boundary, podium, and desktop models, EV’s PolarChoice installation microphones feature user selectable polar patterns—omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid, and hypercardioid (figure “8” on the PC Boundary)—that allow a single mic to be used in multiple situations. No matter which pattern you select, PC mics have a consistent voicing optimized for speech, delivering excellent clarity and intelligibility with outstanding feedback rejection.


PC Boundary
Multi-Pattern Boundary Layer Microphone

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Multi-Pattern Boundary Layer Microphone

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PC Desktop
Multi-pattern Desktop Microphone

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PolarChoice Podium
PolarChoice Series Podium Microphone

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PolarChoice Satellite
Multi-pattern Desktop Microphone

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