Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld w/ Variable-D

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Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D

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Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D & N/DYM Cap

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Variable-D Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone

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Handheld Interview Microphone

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Handheld Interview Microphone w/ Long Handle

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Handheld Interview Microphone w/ N/DYM Capsule

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Handheld Interview Microphone w/ N/DYM Capsule & Long Handle

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Cardioid Pattern Lavalier Microphone

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EVLongMics RE50L cv1

EVLongMics RE50ND-L cv1






RE50ND B-trans

RE92L mic-trans

EVLongMics RE50L cv2

EVLongMics RE50L fr

EVLongMics RE50L XLR

EVLongMics RE50ND-L cv2

EVLongMics RE50ND-L fr