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Electro-Voice conducts first IRIS-Net and NetMax certification training in Asia

December 3rd, 2008

Bosch Communications Systems’ Asia-Pacific Region (APR) team hosted Asia’s first formal IRIS-Net and NetMax certification training on Nov. 17, bringing a new level of technical skill and support to the APR. Electro-Voice Technical Product Manager Ethan Wetzell traveled to Singapore to conduct the four-day conference, where instructional presentations with hands-on laboratory and design work were provided to familiarize key APR distributors with the myriad functions, features, and system possibilities that IRIS-Net software and NetMax hardware can provide. All topics, including amplifiers, supervision and monitoring, redundant system design, and intelligent GUI creation were covered. Wetzell comments:

“The purpose of our training is to create IRIS-Net and NetMax experts who can help Electro-Voice provide service and support that is second to none. We can only produce experts through extensive, hands-on training-not with never-ending PowerPoint presentations. Our training examines every detail of our software, so its length isn’t due to the difficulty and complexity of IRIS-Net and NetMax, but rather to the vast features and possibilities that the system offers. By the time our guests leave, we’ve made sure they are true experts in every aspect of our system.“

IRIS-Net and NetMax certification training has been conducted since 2005 in both the United States and Germany, with attendees from around the world, but the Singapore conference marks the first training held in Asia.

“Our goal is to establish support and sales resources in every region of the world to directly meet the needs of customers with personal interaction and assistance,“ says Wetzell. “And now we can move our training sessions regionally to provide more accessible instruction by reducing travel and providing training sessions in native languages. We are very excited to expand our knowledge and customer focus to Asia.“

Since the introduction of the first IRIS (Intelligent Remote Integrated Supervision) software platform for amplifiers in 2002, EV has been developing robust audio control protocol and new innovative audio hardware. The P-RL line was the first remote controlled amplifier product. Remote amplifiers offer an amazing level of user control and monitoring, which brought reliability and ease of use to a wide range of users.

In 2005, EV released IRIS-Net, which included the addition of the NetMax N8000 System Controller, and modular, network-able matrix and DSP hardware platforms. IRIS-Net is a comprehensive software platform that encompasses a wide array of control options. IRIS-Net provides supervision and control over every aspect of the audio chain, and key areas of signal processing, supervision, and signal routing can all be manipulated beneath the IRIS-Net umbrella.

Designed with an open architecture, IRIS-Net has grown to include many devices including Dx38 Signal Processors, Tour Grade Series amplifiers, and a wide range of peripheral devices including external controllers and logic expansions. IRIS-Net and its hardware can now be found in thousands of world-class installations and live audio applications around the world, from the stunning Alianz Arena to the legendary Kenny Chesney world tours.


Guy Low

Public Relations Manager (ST/MKT-COM)

Bosch Communications Systems

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Marcus Miller

Public Relations Assistant (ST/MKT-COM)

Bosch Communications Systems

Telex Communications Inc.

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Burnsville, Minnesota 55337


Tel: 952 736 4069

Fax: 952 736 4582

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