DC-One FOH Magazine Review
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DC-One FOH Magazine Review

November 26th, 2008

The Electro-Voice DC-One continues to turn heads with its stunning performance and impressive feature set. Since being introduced this year, the next generation DSP loudspeaker controller has impressed users from around the world in both live audio and installed applications. Based on a 2-in, 6-out hardware platform, the DC-One delivers the EV DSP heritage used in world class events such as Kenny Chesney’s record-breaking tours, Live 8, and the Houston Rodeo in a whole new package.

Recently, Mark Amundson from Front of House magazine took the DC-One out for a road test and added his voice to the long list of users giving the DC-One a thumbs-up for its features, performance, and value. Listing such features as the independent gain reduction meters, insertable analog input pad, extensive processing options, and mechanical design, Amundson notes: “The EV DC-One speaker processor is a long-awaited product that is huge in the value quotient (features and performance divided by cost to own).“

Click here to read the full review from the November 2008 issue of FOH magazine

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