Electro-Voice sound rocks 80,000 in Bogota, Colombia
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Electro-Voice sound rocks 80,000 in Bogota, Colombia

October 14th, 2008

Dozens of rock acts performed over the course of the day, putting the mighty X-Line through its paces in the 300-meter deep venue. Whereas main arrays of 20 boxes per side are the norm for concert events in Simon Bolivar Park, X-Line impressed by providing more output-115dBA at front-of-house-with considerably less boxes: People Sound flew main arrays of just 12 X-Line (10x Xvls & 2x Xvlt) per side. The FOH system was managed via a NetMax N8000 matrix controller and powered via Dynacord PowerH 2500 remote-control amplifiers, all running IRIS-Net software.

Though suitably loud, the sound was exceptionally clean, thanks to the FIR-Drive presets in the RCM-26 modules loaded into the PowerH amps powering the FOH system. Three delay towers with XLC-127DVX arrays covered the crowd deep into the park; 20 Xsubs per side at FOH were ample to provide low-end punch all the way to the back of the venue.

Equipment list (selected):

FOH system management via NetMax N8000

20x X-Line Xvls (10 per side)

4x X-Line Xlvt (two per side)

40x X-Line Xsub (20 per side)

Powered by Dynacord PowerH 2500 amplifiers (loaded with RCM-26 DSP modules & FIR-Drive presets, run via IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)


8x Xi-1153A

Powered by P3000RL amplifiers (running IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)

Delay towers:

24x XLC-127DVX (12 per side)

Powered by 12x P3000RL amplifiers (running IRIS-Net remote control & supervision software)

Processed via NetMax N8000


20x Plasma

Stage side-fills:

8x XLC-127DVX

6x P3000RL

Photos: George Georgallis




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