Roskilde Cinema with Electro-Voice XLE
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Roskilde Cinema with Electro-Voice XLE

July 17th, 2008

The 38th edition of the legendary Roskilde Festival attracted some 110,000 guests this year, who were treated to a superlative programme over the course of eight days from June 29th to July 6th, in which over 170 top-class live acts-including Radiohead, Neil Young, The Chemical Brothers, Jay-Z, Slayer, and Grinderman-consolidated the festival’s world-class reputation and rich tradition.

In addition to the varied musical offerings, the colorful fringe programme offered diversity of its own as well as a welcome change of pace. One of the most popular highlights in 2008 was a mobile cinema. Equipped with the most modern components and a sixty-square-meter screen, the cinema was housed in a marquee with seats for over 700 movie-goers.

In terms of audio performance, this “travelling picture show’ was perfectly capable of holding its own with the most modern big city multiplexes. Credit for this is due to the Danish rental company Jespers Rejsebiograf and the Herlev-based cinema sound specialist Kinovox. Ib Sigismund, a product specialist with Kinovox, summed up the challenge: “We were not dealing with a normal cinema auditorium here but with a tent, and yet we needed homogeneous coverage and optimal intelligibility. Clearly the equipment used had a crucial role to play.“

After careful analysis, the team of experts drawn from Jespers Rejsebiograf and Kinovox came down in favor of Electro-Voice systems, specifically 15 Electro-Voice XLE line-array tops (five each left, center and right), eight EV ZX5 loudspeakers and two XDS sub-woofers from the X-Array series (see equipment below). The results were a joy to hear-in Dolby® Surround quality.

Jespers Rejsebiograf MD, Jesper Meng commented: “We received outstanding feedback from the organizers of the event as well as guests. The coverage was phenomenal and the intelligibility outstanding-wherever in the tent you happened to be sitting.“

About Kinovox

Kinovox, which is based in the Danish town of Herlev, is one of Scandinavia’s leading M&I and pro audio firms. The company was founded 65 years ago and has established itself since as a first class supplier of high-quality audio products and solutions.

About Jespers Rejsebiograf

Danish rental company Jespers Rejsebiograf has been specializing in sound reinforcement and events with travelling cinemas for the last twelve years. Among the company’s references are the Danish outdoor events “Fri Film“ and “Zulu Sommerbio“.

About the Roskilde Festival

This year over 110,000 guests attended the largest music festival in Northern Europe, which ran from the June 29th to July 6th and offered over 170 live performances spread across six stages. The Roskilde Festival is an independent, non-profit-making festival, the proceeds of which are donated to national and international humanitarian and cultural organizations.

Equipment list Roskilde Cinema (extract)

15x Electro-Voice XLE181

8x Electro-Voice ZX5 (surround)

2x Electro-Voice X-Array XDS

4x Electro-Voice CP4000S amplifiers

1x Klark Teknik DN9848E

snapshot, July 17, 2008

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