Electro-Voice Cinema Systems hit big with Korean theater chain
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Electro-Voice Cinema Systems hit big with Korean theater chain

July 7th, 2008

Seoul, Korea based Cinus is a multiplex cinema chain renowned for its fantastic cinema sound systems. Cinus Theater owner Sangjin Jeong has been applauded by patrons, consultants, and contractors for his theater designs, especially with creating an unrivalled auditory experience. Mr. Jeong’s slogan “Hear the Movie!“ summarizes Jeong’s continuous research to find the best theater sound system products available, which he discovered in EV Cinema Systems.

In May 2007, Cinus Isu opened with 810 seats in six rooms. While the theater complex is small by some standards, the sound systems are not. EV’s Variplex II, Variplex M, TS550D-XL, and TS9040D-XL loudspeakers are installed in all six cinemas. The magic behind EV’s Variplex line of cinema loudspeakers is EV’s Vari-Intense technology. Used in the products’ high frequency horns, this technology allows equal sound distribution from the front seats to the rear seats of the theater. In addition to the systems’ full-range loudspeakers, four EV TL880D subwoofers have been installed in the largest room to offer better subsonic SPL for a greater cinematic experience. Two TL880D were installed in each of the other four theaters, offering an unparalleled frequency response of 23Hz to 1.8k with 136dB maximum SPL. Suffice to say that the subsonic characteristics of these cabinets have left a very strong impression on audiences. The subwoofers are flown behind the screen in the center, which allows a more immediate subsonic experience, while minimizing unwanted floor vibrations.

EV DX38 digital signal processors are being used with Variplex II and Variplex M system so that the sound engineer can control all speakers in detail, something standard Dolby system processing doesn’t allow. EV Precision Series and Compact Precision Series (CPS) power amplifiers have been installed for their world tour proven power, efficiency, and superb audio quality.

Equipment List:


EV Variplex II

EV Variplex M




Power Amplification and Processing

Electro-Voice DX38

EV P3000

EV P1200


EV CPS2.11

EV CP4000S

EV products are now installed in all rooms of Sangjin Jeong’s theaters, and serious moviegoers and designers agree that Cinus theaters offer a cinematic experience head and shoulders above any other Korean movie houses-if not most theaters around the world!

Congratulations to all involved with the project!

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