The Procussions
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The Procussions

July 1st, 2008

Colorado-based hip-hop act The Procussions are currently on the road winning over hordes of new fans to their sound with the help of microphones from Electro-Voice. Because vocals are such a huge part of the band’s characteristic vibe, they treat their microphones like instruments. The band wanted to find a microphone manufacturer that offered more than the old standby. Enter Electro-Voice N/D767a and N/D967 vocal microphones and N/D Series instrument microphones.

Hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado, The Procussions carry a message of unconditional love, undying hunger to knock down musical stereotypes, and their conviction to be 100 percent themselves. The listener can clearly see and hear where The Procussions’ priorities lie.

Now living in Los Angeles and frequently traveling the world, Mr. J Medeiros, Rez, and Stro have made it a point to remain close to who they were when they started in 1998. This is conveyed seamlessly in their unique sound and intense focus on the “drum“. True to their name, The Procussions believe that percussion is the heart of hip-hop. There is no question after watching this trio that hip-hop history is being made. The future of hip-hop is wide-open as groups like The Procussions re-write the rules.

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