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Bravo/Viva Festival in Berlin with EV

November 20th, 2007

“We’re rocking against violence in schools-don’t look the other way!“ read a banner above the stage at the open-air concert organized by the youth magazine BRAVO and the music TV channel VIVA on the 25th August in Berlin. Over 110,000 young people came to the Brandenburg Gate in the city center to attend the event, paying a mere 10 euro each to hear stars like Sarah Connor, Bushido, LaFee, US 5, MIA and Gentleman playing live on stage.

Berlin-based events equipment provider TSE AG was responsible for lighting and sound at the event. When it came to putting together a suitable PA system, the team led by Marcel Fery opted for a combination of Electro-Voice systems. The challenge for the TSE technicians was to provide enough SPL to satisfy fans attending the festival whilst avoiding noise annoyance to residents of nearby apartments. A difficult balancing act that TSE pulled off using the following set-up

28x EV Xsubs (in a cardioid configuration)

16x EV Xvls

8x EV Xvlt

20x EV XLD (side hangs)

16x EV X-Line (delays)

The requisite power was supplied by remote-controlled and -supervised TG7 RCM amplifiers from Electro-Voice, whilst Midas consoles-an H3000 at front-of-house and an XL250 for monitoring duties-provided the perfect mix at each position.

“Don’t look the other way!“ - The Concert

The open-air concert on the August 25th 2007 marked the climax of a campaign running since spring 2006, led by the youth magazine BRAVO and the music channel VIVA and designed to increase awareness of, and appeal for a less tolerant attitude towards, violence in German schools. A “Courage Award“ was presented to schoolchildren deemed to have displayed particular bravery in the face of bullying. Proper recognition was also reserved for projects proven particularly successful in combating violence.


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