Hard Rock Cafe Opens in Warsaw with Electro-Voice
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Hard Rock Cafe Opens in Warsaw with Electro-Voice

August 8th, 2007

The Hard Rock Café (HRC) is one of the American entertainment industry’s most successful exports. The concept of combining live performances by top bands, good food, a pleasant atmosphere and outstanding equipment has proven a recipe for global success, and the first Hard Rock Café in Poland-in Warsaw’s Zlote Tarasy (Gold Terraces)-looks set to extend the tradition.

The 500-seat venue opened its doors to the public for the first time on the March 10th, complete with a concert becoming of the prestigious event: under the code name “Super Group,“ the elite of Poland’s rock musicians banded together to celebrate the occasion in style and give the Hard Rock Café’s freshly installed sound system a baptism of fire into the bargain!

Fabian Ukleja of Electro-Voice’s Polish partner Audio Plus was responsible for the installation: “Hard Rock Cafés are world famous for their outstanding club sound,“ said Ukleja, “-there’s a reason they’re constantly picking up awards. That said, the bar was set very high for us.“

But as the first night show-along with performances by acts like Fishbone and the Monday Rebels in the following months-have proved, Audio Plus cleared it with no difficulty, and the latest member of the HRC family has no reason-other than youth-to be in awe of its siblings: “We received the highest praise,“ says Ukleja, “not only from the club’s management but also from the musicians. The managers are delighted with the system’s reliability, sonic performance and general ease-of-use. And they can’t get over the fact that the whole thing can be controlled from one laptop!“ The typical reaction amongst visiting musicians is a euphoric “This is amazing!

The installation was relatively complex: to obtain a perfectly balanced sonic image it was necessary to tailor the design very carefully to the topography of the location by defining a total of seven separate sound reinforcement zones. Each of these, of course, has also to be controlled separately, which is why the Audio Plus team installed a NetMax N8000 (as the main processor) and the Iris-Net software platform on the club laptop for all the devices and systems capable of being remote controlled.

Klark Teknik Square One graphic equalizers and dynamic processors and a Midas Venice console-not to mention a multitude of high-quality microphones from Electro-Voice-put the icing on the cake.

The following systems set the tone at the Hard Rock Café, Warsaw:

EV QRx115/75 mains

EV QRx218S main subs

EV Zx1

EV Sb122 subs

EV Sx250

EV SxA100+ (powered)

EV CP1200 amps

EV CP2200 amps

EV CP3000S amps

EV CP4000S amps


Klark Teknik Square One Graphics

Klark Teknik Square One Dynamics

Midas Venice 320 mixing console

EV mics: N/D967, N/D767a, RE27N/D, N/D468, N/D868, RE200


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