EV for Slovakia’S New National Theatre
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EV for Slovakia’S New National Theatre

July 9th, 2007

The National Theatre’s management hired Bratislava-based sound company SBL Acoustics s.r.o. to ensure the audio spec satisfied the highest standards. “One of the principal stipulations for the sound systems was the provision of even coverage throughout each auditorium,“ says Stanislav Lehen, Manager, SBL Acoustics s.r.o. This standard request proved trickier than expected: “The architecture of the rooms posed a number of problems,“ says Lehen. “They were all very wide and open. To arrive at a homogeneous sound image, therefore, we had to come up with something exceptional.“

The theatre’s technical specialists were unanimous in favoring Electro-Voice when it came to selecting the sound equipment. “The brand already enjoys an excellent reputation in Slovakia,“ says Lehen. “But on top of that, EV was quicker than all the other suppliers in coming up with a viable concept, and that clearly impressed the people who made the decision.“

And, as Stanislav Lehen will attest, it was not a decision anyone in Slovakia’s number one theatre has regretted for an instant. The technical staff were impressed, too, not only with the prompt and flawless support offered by EV staff but also by their expertise. “Oliver Sahm, EVI Audio’s Project and Sales Manager, provided us with outstanding technical support. His acoustic simulations were of crucial importance when it came to deciding which systems to opt for. It was thanks to his assistance that we were able to identify what I feel represents the ideal sound reinforcement concept for the theatre.“

The building of the new National Theatre in Bratislava began back in 1984, but the ambitious project had to be put on ice for many years due to the changing political climate-23 years elapsed between the laying of the foundation stone and the opening of its doors. For more information on the theatre’s furnishings and equipment visit: www.snd.sk

Electro-Voice Equipment List:

21x Xi1152 (main sound system)

12x Xi1122 (main sound system)

4x Xi1123 (main sound system)

4x Xi2183 (main sound system)

8x Xi1191 (main sound system)

6x FRi2082 (sub-balcony sound system)

3x FRX+640 (main sound system - rear stage)

4x X-sub (main sound system)

13x QRx112 (main sound system)

14x Sx100+ (monitor sound system)

8x SxA250 (mobile sound system)

16x Sx300 (mobile sound system)

42x Sx80 (circle effect sound reinforcement)

14x Dx38 (controllers)

Plus additional EV speaker systems for mobile use (e.g. Xf, Xb, QRx115/75, QRx112/75, SxA100)


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