Rome’S Stazione Birra: Cool Beer, Hot Sound
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Rome’S Stazione Birra: Cool Beer, Hot Sound

July 9th, 2007

The premiere of the new system was attended by the cream of the music industry, with outstanding guitarist Hiram Bullock and the group Nine Below Zeroturning in world-class performances. However outstanding musicians and world-class performances are not the exception but the rule at Stazione Birra, Rome’s new top venue.

Five days a week, the club serves up a varied but invariably tasteful menu of live music: club booker Dante Colavecchi assembles the ingredients, and has lured Earth, Wind and Fire, Hot Tuna, TM Stevens, Colosseum, Marillion, Dennis Chambers and Albert Lee to the heart of Rome in the last few months-a mouth-watering masala to which each brought a unique flavor. This musical fare has delighted denizens and tourists alike in the Italian capital famous for its culinary and cultural delights.

Stazione Birra commissioned Texim to supply a sound system of the highest quality, tuned (perfectly!) to the requirements of the venue. To say they succeeded would be something of an understatement. “What the artists who appear here appreciate is not just the fine acoustics of the room but also the perfect sound system,“ says Dante Colavecchi. “Audiences benefit from the great sound of the PA, but the sound on stage from the high-quality monitors is also exceptional, and it’s this, of course, that inspires the performers.“

Together with local distributor Texim, the club management opted for a PA system consisting essentially of Electro-Voice 127+ tops and X-Line Xsubs, driven by Precision Series amplifiers. The individual components are governed by a Klark Teknik DN 9848E controller. Plasma P1 speakers provide onstage sound and coverage for the balcony and FOH position beneath. Addressing coverage and intelligibility at FOH position was tricky, as it sits in the shadow of the projecting balcony; two powered Plasma P1 systems turned out to be the perfect solution, as the succession of top-flight sound engineers who’ve already occupied FOH position will attest. Italian engineers are equally aware of the Plasma P1’s merits, and it’s spotted with ever increasing frequency these days sharing a stage or a studio with the country’s finest musicians, its principal strengths being high output, balanced sound and insusceptibility to feedback.

Midas rules the roost at both control positions in the Stazione Birra: A Verona 480 is at FOH; a Siena 400 handles the monitor mix. Both consoles are complemented by Klark Teknik Square One outboard equalizers; a classic DN 370 provides additional EQ at FOH. A selection of N/DYM microphones from Electro-Voice complete a clean sweep for EVI Audio in this prestige venue, where the beer-as is only appropriate given the name-is (almost!) as good as the sound!

Equipment supplied by Texim at Rome’s Stazione Birra:

FOH and Main PA

12x EV XLC 127+

4x EV X-Sub

6x EV P2000

2x EV P3000

2x Klark Teknik DN 9848E

1x Klark Teknik DN 370

1x Midas Verona 480

Monitors and Stage

10x EV Plasma P1

1x Midas Siena 400

6x Klark Teknik Square One Graphic


4x EV N/DYM 468

4x EV N/DYM 478

4x EV N/DYM 767A

4x EV N/DYM 967

1x EV N/DYM 868

2x EV RE-2 N7 wireless


2x EV Plasma P1


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