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American Idol Homecoming Concert with EV

May 18th, 2007

The American Idol crew was on hand to film Lewis and his four-piece band perform in a local park-after a parade in his honor-via a Dynacord Cobra-2 ground-stacked line array system, along with an array of Electro-Voice microphones and monitors, Klark Teknik Square One processing and a Midas Verona 320 for FOH & Monitors double-duty. The PA was supplied by Mills Music of Seattle, whose Ric Webb manned the mix on the Midas console.

“It sounded fantastic,“ says Webb, “-the Cobra combines plenty of power, complete coverage and superb sound quality while keeping sightlines open, both for the live audience and the additional 30 million viewers watching the show on TV! Even though we were down in a concrete bowl, the Cobra threw deep into the audience areas with plenty of SPL, all with no delays necessary. It’s an incredibly capable system for its size; the city anticipated an audience of 2000, but 8000 turned out to see Blake Lewis, and everyone heard the show loud and clear-even above the screaming girls!“

Webb is also a big fan of the Klark Teknik Square One range: “Square One Dynamics are wonderful-they offer great flexibility and control, with practical presets, the hard knee option, etc. And I can’t say enough about the Square One EQ-it’s on par with or better than any other high-end analog EQ I’ve ever used, with a super-clean audio path. Both the Square One units offer unbelievable value.“

Along with a range of EV mics on drums, Webb put a Raven on the guitar cab-something more and more pro engineers are doing with impressive results. “Our EV rep (Kevin Johnson, Left Coast Marketing) told us we would hear things on the guitar we’d never heard before. And, sure enough, it was very surprising-we got a ton of guitar signal across every bandwidth; it was like a breath of fresh air compared to the standard guitar cab mic. We used the new EV REV wireless system with N/D767a handheld while gifts were presented to Blake Lewis-a commemorative star for the park (presented by the Mayor of Bothell) and a Seahawks 12th man jersey (presented by Seahawks Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. From input to output, all the equipment sounded superb and performed flawlessly-it’s a perfect PA for events like this.“

Main PA: Dynacord Cobra-2 System

FOH/Monitors mix: Midas Verona V/320/8/TP

Processing rack: Klark Teknik Square One Dynamic and Graphic

Stage monitors: multiple Electro-Voice SxA250, ZX5 and QRx153/75 powered by Electro-Voice CP4000S & Q66 amplifiers

Side fills: Electro-Voice SxA100+

Stage microphones: Electro-Voice N/D468. N/D868, Co4 and RE200 (drums); Raven (guitar cabinet)

Wireless microphones: Electro-Voice REV with N/D767a handheld (presentations); RE-2 (announcements)


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