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Satisfaction in Holland with Electro-Voice

April 19th, 2007

Back in the late Seventies/early Eighties, there was one team of DJs-veritable aficionados of great songs-that could be guaranteed to pack discos and fill dance-floors across the Netherlands: they called themselves “Satisfaction“. That the four had lost nothing of their instinct for dance-inducing rhythms and irresistible grooves in the intervening years was heard loud and clear on April 7th when “Satisfaction“ reunited in Zutphen for the “Swing Night“ event.

Some 1100 dance lovers answered Wilson Pickett’s rhetorical question “Do you like good music?“ with a resounding “Yes!“ and packed the dance-floor until two in the morning as Satisfaction rolled out the hits-along with a number of vinyl rarities from the hobby DJs’ valuable collections. What made it all the more special was the sound, which had a sonic power and transparency undreamed of back in the Seventies, Eighties and even Nineties, when these songs were penned.

Little surprise things sounded spectacular, since Axel Nagtegaal-Managing Director of Electric Audio B.V. and Midas Consoles Holland-was one of the DJs, and Axel and his team brought along the kind of sound reinforcement that makes the lackluster dazzle and good music sound positively blinding. The system featured:

  • 8x Electro-Voice XLD281 (per side)

  • 6x Electro-Voice Xsub(f)

  • Electro-Voice TG-7 amplifiers

  • Electro-Voice CP3000S amplifiers

  • Electro-Voice SxA360 monitors

  • Klark Teknik DN370 EQ

  • Klark Teknik DN9848E processing

“Even though my back hurt for days afterwards,“ says Nagtegaal, “it was worth it! We had just as much fun behind the turntables as the guests themselves. And if the event proved anything, it was that the “good old songs’ still make the best party music-especially with a sound system like the one we had pumping them out here.“

The event was such a success that there are likely to be repercussions. In fact, it shouldn’t be too long before the four DJs “get back together and do it again“. And there’ll be more “Satisfied’ smiles“. More packed dance-floors too, we’ll warrant. And, of course, more great sound!


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