In The Garden of Dreams with EV
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In The Garden of Dreams with EV

January 16th, 2007

Tropics Entertainment and U of M/Sylvester contacted Drummer Boy Sound of Miami for production services. “The organizers wanted to do something a little different,“ said Harold Cummings of DBS, “they planned to have Ruby perform on a 24’x24’ centered stage in middle of the hotel’s grand ballroom. The ballroom was configured to hold 1800 people, sitting around all four sides of the stage to enjoy Ruby and her eight-piece band.“

DBS had their work cut out for them, but drew the right tools for the job from their inventory of EV, Dynacord, Midas and Klark Teknik equipment. For house sound, six EV QRx112/75 speakers were flown on a circular truss above the central stage; eight EV ZX1, two powered EV Plasma P1 and three QRx 112/75 boxes served as monitors and stage fills. Four Dynacord Cobra SUB boxes handled the low end.

Cummings continued: “The organizers, Ruby Baker-who said “DBS is the only sound company that make me sound amazing’ -and Ruby’s agent Tropics Entertainment told us the sound was awesome-beyond professional. That makes it all worthwhile! I was asked how we could fill such a large area with clean sound with just six main speakers. They were amazed. I just told them that not all boxes are created equal-it’s what’s inside that counts! Everyone was really happy with our production services, and plans are being made for us to handle future fundraisers.

“This was the first time I was able to use my newly acquired EV CP4000S on my Dynacord SUB subwoofers,“ Cummings adds, “and all I can say is “amazing.’ This is the amp I have been waiting for: small, powerful, light… it really delivers!“

Equipment list:

9x EV QRx112/75 loudspeakers

2x EV Plasma P1 powered loudspeakers

8x EV ZX1 loudspeakers

4x EV N/D767a wired mics

2x EV N/D967 wired mics (guitar cabs)

2x EV CP2200 power amps

4x EV CP3000S power amps

1x EV CP4000S power amp

1x EV Dx38 loudspeaker processor

1x EV AC-One loudspeaker processor

4x Dynacord Cobra SUB 18“ subwoofers

1x Midas Legend (48 channel)

1x Klark Teknik DN370 FOH EQ

5x Klark Teknik DN100 DI boxes


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