EV X-Line a Fundamental on Pet Shop Boys Tour
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EV X-Line a Fundamental on Pet Shop Boys Tour

November 6th, 2006

All line arrays are not created equal

“We already know how well the X-Line works as a rock box,“ says Systems Tech Mike “Monk“ Shear of LD Systems, “and it’s doing an equally impressive job handling the electronic music on the Fundamental tour. What sets the X-Line apart from other big arrays is its smooth HF response; digital signal reproduction can be a bit harsh in the high frequencies, but this rig sounds seamless and warm up in the mids and highs-we can hear the HF details without pushing them too hard. In that sense, X-Line has proved an ideal choice for this tour.“

Fundamental Tour FOH Engineer Colin Boland (FOH, Sarah Brightman, Russell Watson) and mid-tour FOH sub Holger Schwark (FOH, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) are both highly qualified to make distinctions between the many line arrays on the market:

“I rate X-Line very highly,“ Boland commented, “it’s so easy to get a good mix on this system. I can hear the slightest EQ adjustments through these boxes.“

“That level of responsiveness helps me work more efficiently,“ Schwark adds, “so I can direct more of my time towards getting coverage right in the room, which really helps in some of the older theatres with steep rakes and deep balconies on this tour. I’ve heard line arrays from multiple manufacturers, and X-Line is simply a cut above: quality audio is built into each component.“

Remote control amps save time and manpower

“The P-RL amps also save us a ton of time,“ Shear added, “and they’re a big reason a tour like this can be handled by a minimal crew. I fire up the amp racks on the deck, walk out front with my laptop, and tweak my power settings and check the loudspeaker components in real time with IRIS-Net while FOH runs pink noise, all without running back and forth to the deck to turn amps down before repeating the process. We don’t need an extra crew guy to yell back any problems from the room while I make amp adjustments at the rack-I can do it all myself from any point in the house. In that sense, the RL amps have definitely had a positive impact on touring in the last few years.“


FOH Engineer: Colin Boland

Monitor Engineer: Seamus Fenton

FOH Engineer (mid-tour sub): Holger Schwark

Systems Tech: Mike “Monk“ Shear


Main PA:

12x EV X-Line Xvls

8x EV X-Line Xvlt

16x EV Xsub

32x EV P3000RL amplifiers

Stage Side Fills:

4x EV X-Array Xn


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