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EV ZX1: Slam-Dunk Sound for School Gym

January 1st, 2006

Kendall Self of installation contractors Ace Sound, Inc., explained how ZX1i provided a sonic slam-dunk at Berryhill: “This is the first really intelligible sound system in the building’s history. A large part of the problem was due to prior installers trying to force sound from a central source, or providing improper or inadequate coverage in the space, which has a curved ceiling - an acoustical nightmare.

“Job one for Ace was to put in some acoustic treatment, and the space was brought down from an 8 or 9 second reverb time to around a 2.5 to 4.5, depending on where you are standing - still reverberant, but a drastic improvement. We then installed the ZX1i boxes to cover the bleachers on each side of the room with a linear distribution of five speakers. Mounting the boxes required some innovation. We visited their local plumbing supplies store, picking up flanges that fitted the ZX1i brackets, attaching them that to lengths of ten-feet by one-inch pipe, allowing each of the ten boxes to hang neatly from the ceiling, right in line with the lighting, positioned precisely towards the seating area.“

“The speakers are almost hidden from view, yet have brought a new level of sonic control and flexibility to the space,“ Self continued. “Either side of the gym can be turned off according to event needs. Instead of an overworked central cluster, we wanted to directly address the audience with tighter pattern control (100 x 100), and the ZX1i’s horn took care of that. Plus the speakers were going to run double-duty, being occasionally used for music playback. We’d heard a demo of ZX1i and found that, even though it was an 8-inch box, it carried the low-end nicely and had the headroom and fidelity we were looking for - characteristics that are built in to the “T’ version of Zx1i, which controls transformer saturation on a high power 70V system like this.“

Self added: “We fired up the speakers for the school prior to processing them with the EV Dx38, and they were blown away - we really exceeded their expectations. Then, after running a real time analysis on them and setting the EQ, we really felt this room was sounded as good as it could. Since completion, numerous people have commented that they didn’t even notice the speakers were there, both because of their sleek appearance and their smooth, distortion-free sound. That was good to hear, because we’d been told we’d be run up the flagpole if things didn’t work out!“


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