Mayday Rave in Dortmund with EV
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Mayday Rave in Dortmund with EV

July 7th, 2006

A lot has changed since the first Mayday rave fifteen years ago at Berlin’s Weißensee. Now staged at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, the event has grown larger and more professional without sacrificing any of its charm, as this year’s event, attended by just under 25,000 ravers, made clear.

Live shows from such stars of the scene as The Prodigy and cult DJ Westbam contributed to the unbridled euphoria, but above all it was the sound- provided by TSE AG Berlin - that really set the party alight.

The organizers of this world-famous spectacular attach great importance to the sound of the event, as seen on the Mayday website, where they outline their vision for the “greatest sound system ever assembled“; one in which “every sound calls forth a shudder from the heart“.

They are, of course, talking about power rather than pathos. They wanted the ground to shake, so they called in the celebrated Berlin soundsmiths TSE AG to make sure it did. TSE sent out its shock troops, marshalled as ever by Marcel Fery, and deployed Electro-Voice systems for their heavy artillery. In Area 01 alone, the largest of the three halls, they used 32 EV X-Line Xvlt, 64 EV Xsubs and 16 racks of 4 EV P3000 amps. For The Prodigy set, a two-point system was added, consisting of 28 EV X-Line Xvls, 8 EV Xsubs and 8 EV Xlc 15“ subs.

In the smaller Area 03, 24 EV XLD 281 and 16 EV Xsubs provided flawless rave power.

Two Klark Teknik DN 9848 E controllers and, among others, Midas H3000, XL250 and Venice consoles also made significant contributions to an unforgettable Mayday 2006.

Equipment List (selected):

AREA 01: Main stage: 32 EV X-Line Xvlt, 64 EV Xsub, 16 racks of four EV P3000

The Prodigy (system additions): 2 x 14 EV X-Line Xvls, 8 EV Xsubs with EV P3000 amps. Center stacked: 8 x EV Xlc 15’’ subs with 2 EV P3000RL, 2 EV Xlc 127+ with 2 EV CP3000S amps. Midas Heritage 3000 (FOH) & XL250 (foldback)

Controllers: 2 x Klark Teknik DN 9848 E

AREA 03: 24 EV XLD 281 with 4-point sound reinforcement, 16 EV Xsub


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