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World’S First Custom Color EV XLCi Install at Springfield House of Worship

June 16th, 2006

“We heard how well XLCi performs in difficult acoustical environments last year, when we demo’d the system at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lansing, IL,“ reported Jonathan Darling. “We worked there with Monte Wise of EV and Bob Sheffield (of EV reps Starin Marketing) to see what kind of pattern control, horizontal coverage and audio quality was possible with line array. The XLCi impressed on all counts. EV’s high level of hands-on technical support also helped prove the product to us, leading us to consider the XLCi for the FUMC project. As with the Bethel project, we were able to show the clients SmaartLive™, EASE™ files and STI (Speech Transmission Index) measurements to clearly communicate how effective the rig was. I was actually shocked how high the STI was - it was extraordinary.“

“As is the case with many modern houses of worship, FUMC is a very wide space,“ Darling continued. “Add to this the fact that it doesn’t have an overly tall ceiling - 32 feet - and you start to be concerned about gain before feedback and sound rejection off the worship platform. This is another area in which the XLCi excels; you can stand right under an array and you really don’t hear it. My experience with some of the other mid-sized and compact arrays is that they run out of pattern control below 1KHz, which results in a strong low-mid lobe firing straight down off of the array. If this is happening right over a pulpit or a lectern, this causes serious problems. Couple the XLCi’s excellent pattern control with the fact that this room is highly absorptive at the back, and you have minimal energy reflection and minimal feedback, making for a really quiet platform. We were also impressed at how good the XLCi sounded running flat right out of the box - if you tweak the EQ a couple of dB on the console you hear it clearly - so the system offers superb control at both ends of the signal path.“

“The XLCi 127+ has exceeded all of our expectations,“ agreed Dean Adamczyk, Design Engineer, Plus One AV. “After completing the install, all involved agreed the XLCi does what EV says it can do on the spec sheet… and then some. The precise downward throw and lack of spill onstage was what impressed our clients - and us - the most. It’s amazing how much lower the SPL is onstage than in the room. The musicians and praise vocalists really needed to adjust to the fact that there was hardly any onstage sound from the arrays. Prior experience meant they simply weren’t used to such precisely controlled audio, but now they love it. They’re using IEMs, and they are all raving about how clearly they can hear themselves over the mix. And of course, the room sounds fantastic. Not only has the XLCi has really expanded the range of services and productions the church can undertake, it’s made performing at the church a lot more enjoyable too.“

Kirkegaard Associates

Plus One AV


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