Electro-Voice (EV) Launches New Model in their Mid-Size Compact Line-Array Family: XLC127DVX
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Electro-Voice (EV) Launches New Model in their Mid-Size Compact Line-Array Family: XLC127DVX

June 13th, 2006

Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): Based on the highly successful XLC127+ Compact Line Array, Electro-Voice is pleased to introduce the XLC127DVX, a three-way, full-bandwidth line array element featuring EV’s newest DVX 3121 12-inch and DVN2065 6.5-inch woofers. The enclosure remains unchanged, featuring integrated quick-Rig™ rigging along with a high-frequency section incorporating EV’s unique “Hydra™“ plane wave generator with two ND-6 large format compression drivers. The XLC127DVX will be also available as an installation model: the XLCi127DVX incorporates simplified, cost-reduced rigging and is ideally suited for permanent installations. The XLC127DVX ships as triamp only model; a mid/high crossover network for biamp applications is an available option.

When asked why EV has updated a product that has established itself as industry standard, Christian Glueck, Director, Product Management, commented: “Shortly after the launch of X-Line Very Compact and its 12-inch DVX woofer-equipped XS212-LF cabinet, we received customer requests about our plans to use this new, very powerful speaker in the XLC. This led us to take a deeper look at our transducer program, resulting in the development of a brand new 12-inch LF driver-the DVX3121-and a new mid-bass driver, the DVN 6.5-inch.

“Once you have listened to this new combination of components, you will appreciate why we decided to offer an “upgraded’ version of the world’s most successful medium-size line array system. It’s not just about the 3dB more overall output: the level of sonic clarity for an arena-size system reaches new heights. To support all current customers of the XLC127+ we will offer an upgrade kit to turn an XLC127+ into an XLC 127DVX.“

XLC127DVX: 3-way line array element; 12“ (DVX3121, 600W); 2x 6.5“ (DVN2065, 300W); 2x 1.4“ (ND6, 150W); integrated quick-Rig™ flyware for up to 16 cabinets

XLC215: Dual 15-inch (DVX3150, 1000W); integrated quick-Rig™ flyware for up to 16 cabinets

XLC-Grid B1: Grid for up to 16 XLC127DVX / XLC215, compatible with XLC127+ and XLC118

XLC127DVX will also be available as XLCI version with simplified rigging for fixed installations.

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