Hooters Las Vegas Casino Goes with EV
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Hooters Las Vegas Casino Goes with EV

March 24th, 2006

The elegant new nightspot is a decked out in stylish wood and glass treatments, and aesthetics - as well as acoustics - were a top priority in the audio installation.

A balance of style and sonic performance was addressed at every output level, from the Xi mains and FRi-2082 low profile stage fills to the ZX1 monitors & room fills and EVID recessed ceiling speakers in the bathrooms.

The project also saw the first permanent installation of the new Klark Teknik Square ONE graphics and dynamics in the USA. Square ONE brings KT to a new budget-friendly price point, with all the responsiveness and sound quality that makes KT a touring standard. A Midas Venice 320 at front of house matches the rest of the system in delivering concert-quality audio in a compact footprint. Various EV CP and Q Series amps precisely handle the power and EV RE-2 wireless systems and N/D767a mics keep the EV sound intact at the input end of the signal chain.

“The EV speakers and mics sound fantastic - every inch of the bar and stage area is covered in consistent, distortion-free sound, and the performers sound great going in through the 767a’s,“ commented Ricky Johnson of Pro Audio Solutions. “It’s an unusually designed space, with the stage coming right up to the bar, along with lots of angles and architectural details in the room. Using a combination of various EV speakers allowed us to get the performance they needed, without crowding the sightlines. The distributed ZX1is look great and pack a lot of top quality components into a small, stylish enclosure - the best of both worlds. The fact that ZX1s work just as well as monitors make them a real contender for “most versatile compact box on the market’ - a simply great little loudspeaker. The FRi stage fills are equally impressive in that sense - visually unobtrusive but with a big, clear sound. Of course, the Xi mains are tried and tested as a high-end sound solution - just what they needed as a high-end venue.“

“Of course, we were all excited to see how the new KT gear would work out,“ Johnson added. “Right off the bat we got great feedback from the house engineer regarding the smoothness of the Square One gates and responsiveness of the EQs. They didn’t have to spend a ton of money for multiple gate compressors and limiters - Square ONE has all the features they need in a tidy package. Like the rest of the system, it all offers great-sounding bang for the buck.“


2 Xi-1152A/94F Main Tops

1 Xi-2181A Main Sub

8 ZX1-90 Black Stage Monitors

8 ZX1i-90 Black Main Houses Fill

2 Evid C8.2 Bathrooms Fill

2 FRi 2082-BLK Side Stage fills

1 Midas Venice 320

1 DX38 Main processor (Tri amped (High / Mid / Sub/ Full))

2 KT Sq One Graphic

1 KT Sq One Dynamic

1 CP1800 120V one side drives FRi 2082-BLK Side Stage fills / One Side Drivers Tops Highs

1 CP2200 120V Drives Mid

2 CP3000S 120V Driver Subs

2 Q66 120V Stage Monitors (4 mixes)

1 Q44 120V Bathroom

2 RE2-N7

6 N/D767a


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