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EV Performs with Caribbean Carnival’S Biggest Stars

March 22nd, 2006

Machel Montano chalked up another coveted Carnival Road March title for the most played Carnival song of 2006, a title Alison Hinds has also won numerous times. Montano favors an EV 767a capsule on his RE-2 handheld; Alison Hinds uses an HM7 headworn on an RE-2 beltpack system.

“We’re extremely excited about all the EV action happening in the Caribbean,“ reported Jaison O’Connor of Telex Pro Audio Group reps Sales Force & Associates. “Alison Hinds’ engineer Ryan Lynton of Creative Vibes is an EV devotee, and has been a great partner for us in helping the Caribbean sound production community step up to EV. Alison Hinds and Machel Montano did a very popular song together for this year’s Carnival, and, when Machel’s experienced engineer Sean Joseph heard Alison’s mic, he wanted a piece of the action! Machel and his band Xtatik have grown into major international stars as the leading exponents of Soca music, and he can pick any mic he likes. Like Alison, he picked EV.“

“These artists and the Soca genre are rapidly gaining acclaim around the world, and to have the two biggest stars and their engineers choose our mics is really something,“ added Michael Pereira of Sales Force. “During Carnival, the world opens up to Trinidad, with global TV coverage and a huge influx of tourists. Thousands of people fill out the “fetes’ in dozens of venues of all shapes and sizes, including stadiums, bars, parking lots and even the middle of the road! The Carnival truck performances in the capital are always a big hit. The Carnival is everywhere on the island - which means the mics need to work everywhere. Whatever the event, the EV wireless systems proved themselves in terms of sound quality, durability and signal strength, night after night. Once equipment proves itself at Carnival, you know it’s reliable!“

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Machel Montano is a young Trinidadian who is edging his name among the elite in the music industry. Machel and his band Xtatik has been the premier Soca band in the Caribbean for more than a decade now, and have established themselves as the leading draw at major events in New York City, Miami, Toronto, and London and throughout the Caribbean. Machel is recognized as the leading performer in the Soca music genre and is highly regarded as a songwriter, producer and band leader.

Haling from Barbados, Alison Hinds continues to take the Soca music industry by storm. From her voice to her stage presence, Alison is definitely one woman that is in demand and in command.


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