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Snoop Dogg & Grammy Award Winners The Roots: Rap/Hip-Hop Giant Become EV’ Microphone Endorsers!

October 4th, 2004

EV is pleased to announce that rap star Snoop Dogg & Grammy-Award-winning artists The Roots have become its latest wired & wireless microphone endorsers.

Snoop Dogg and his band are currently using the following EV mics (including spares): (3) Dual EV RE-1 wireless receivers (Snoop/Guest Vox)

(6) Handheld RE-1 wireless transmitters (Snoop/Guest Vox)

(6) N/D767a dynamic heads (Snoop/Guest Vox)

(6) RE510 condenser heads (Snoop/Guest Vox)

(2) N/D967 - DJ

(3) N/D967 - BG Vox

(3) N/D367 - BG Vox

(4) RE92L - Horns

(2) N/D 468 - Guitars

(3) Co4 - Guitars

(2) N/D468 - Rhodes


(3) RE200 (Condenser)

(4) N/D468

(1) N/D868

(2) N/D478

(2) N/D468

(2) RE200 - Audience mics

For more information on Snoop Dogg, please visit

EV Microphones Used by The Roots:

Lead Vocals: (2) EV RE510

Backing Vocals (3) EV N/D967

Guitars: N/D468

Drums: (2) N/D868 (on kick and floor tom), RE200 (Hi Hat), N/D478 (snare), N/D468 (toms)

Congas: RE200

For more information on the band and their new album “The Tipping Point“, please visit


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