RCM-28 lands in India in conjunction with IRIS-Net training in Bangalore
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RCM-28 lands in India in conjunction with IRIS-Net training in Bangalore

October 9th, 2013

In conjunction with an IRIS-Net training session held in Bangalore at the end of July, India received its introduction to the new RCM-28 OMNEO-capable DSP cards for Electro-Voice Tour Grade amplifiers. The training covered the latest trends in digital audio technology and leading-edge solutions from EV. Topics covered included the following:

  • The existing Cobranet audio available with EV’s NetMax N8000 system controller is available in conjunction with the CM-1 module which allowed trainees to set up digital audio transmission via Ethernet infrastructure.
  • With the availability of the latest media networking technology, the N8000 can now be equipped with the Dante™ DM-1 module. With Dante™ media networking technology, system integrators can have greater flexibility in audio transport. One of the key features of Dante™ is that it allows the audio to be routable, in other words, it can be routed across LANs. Besides that, it has good latency for live sound applications and studio quality audio.
  • The newly launched RCM-28 remote control module for Tour Grade amps made its first appearance in India during the training. Thanks to the OMNEO networking topology, attendees were taught how to configure multiple amplifiers with great simplicity. This capability in the Tour Grade amplifiers, when complemented with the DM-1 equipped N8000, becomes the perfect digital audio networking solution for system integrators that require low latency studio quality audio across a wide network.

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