System Snapshot: Intelligent Sound and Event Gear
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System Snapshot: Intelligent Sound and Event Gear

September 24th, 2013

South Africa's Intelligent Sound and Event Gear recently deployed an EV sound system at the 8,000-capacity Bloemfontein Showgrounds for a concert by American R&B star Anthony Hamilton. The system comprised the following:

(24) XLC127DVX, (6) XLC215 and (16) Xsubs driven by CP4000S and CP3000S with a delay of (8) Xn and (8) Xb X-Array boxes. two hung stacks of (12) XLC127DVX and (3) XLC215 per side designed with LAPS and the delay run via N8000.

Saki Mofokeng of Intelligent Sound commented on a successful show:

"This event could be seen as the maturing point of the training conducted by EV covering effective usage of LAPS, IRIS-Net and a proper configuration of our entire EV kit.

"We used the XLC215s to reinforce the low end of the XLC mains and then ran the Xsubs in cardioid. The lows in the XLC and XLC215 were time-aligned to the Xsub. The Xb boxes in the delay were also used for lows. The output and the performance was phenomenal -- even our team was blown away by the system in terms of quality and the spread around the venue.

"The customer told us they thought the sound was phenomenal and are looking forward to doing more international shows with Intelligent Sound."

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