Enriching the sound experience in Mahapawn Bangkok Church, Thailand
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Enriching the sound experience in Mahapawn Bangkok Church, Thailand

April 4th, 2013


House of Worship

End User:

Mahapawn Bangkok Church

Business Objective:

In 2011, Mahapawn’s sound engineer voiced his concern regarding their recording and sound reinforcement systems in the church becoming obsolete. The church conducts many weekly activities. They required a system that allows high quality live sound to be recorded onto a hard-drive, after which the sound engineer could edit, mix and create a CD.

The church is a small venue with a small stage that hosts  a large number of performers. The old system provided insufficient sound pressure levels and poor intelligibility.

The church requested loudspeakers that could provide loud and clear sound quality without feedback, and all in small and lightweight package. An 8” driver and a cost-effective solution was also specified.


After the careful evaluation of models from various manufacturers, the Electro-Voice ZX1 8-inch two-way full-range composite loudspeaker best met all the above criteria. During the ZLX demo, the end-users were very impressed with the sound quality produced, especially for live band sections. The church made a collaborative decision and purchased nine ZX1-90B (90-degree dispersion pattern, black finish). These were installed by the church representatives themselves. The ZX1 loudspeakers have high-sensitivity, smooth, wide frequency response, and offer the exceptional value the church was looking for. They are now used for church sermons, and various activities and performances.

Customer Benefit:

The church was able to make a quick and easy decision based on the live demo supported by Bosch certified installers, Patararungroj. The ZX1s have proven reliable and have contributed to enriching the experience of all participants in the church sermons, activities and performances.

Key Success Factors:

  • Ensured superior sound quality
  • Fit requirements of end-user
  • Cost savings
Installed by:

Patararungroj Ltd., Part

22 Moo 5 Patara Building, Rachaphruek Road., Bangphrom, Talingchan, Bangkok 10170


Robert Bosch Ltd

287 Liberty Square 11th Floor, Silom, Bangrak

Bangkok 10500, Thailand

+662 639 3111


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