System Snapshot: Revamping the sight and sound at 22 Dempsey – Dempsey Hill, Singapore
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System Snapshot: Revamping the sight and sound at 22 Dempsey – Dempsey Hill, Singapore

January 9th, 2013



End User:

22 Dempsey

Owned by the Starworth Pte Ltd, 22 Dempsey is the latest lifestyle and dining destination located on Dempsey Hill. On the ground floor, restaurants like Carnivore, Beets Modern Vegetarian and Addictions Café satisfy all of their customers’ gastronomic cravings. Head to the second floor to chill out at the Still Bar where patrons can enjoy quality live music and the occasional cocktails.

Business Objective:

Having inherited all the old systems previously installed at the venue, the end-user faced problems with faulty systems, with some not even working at all. They therefore sought to revamp their sound and introduce security surveillance system in the property.

What they required was a well-designed, high quality sound system. Additionally, they needed the system to have flexibility, with the ability to be configured and controlled according to their needs without a massive amount of future cabling work. In terms of security, the end-user needed a complete security surveillance system to monitor their premises and ensure the safety of their assets, as well as their employees and customers.

Other than quality, another factor that the end-user was particularly concerned about was price, stressing that the cost of the systems and installations had to be within their limited budget.


The end-user decided on EV sound systems as they were satisfied with the demos and price that was offered. Moreover, the design of the system by the installer met all of the end-users requirements, enabling them to control the systems easily.

The entire system setup is configured, controlled, and processed via an Electro-Voice N8000 NetMax digital matrix controller. Programmable EV remote wall stations for the NetMax allowed staff to easily select any of the four audio sources and volume levels at any of the five different zones around the venue. As each zone setup is very differently, and with the zones being very near each other, the NetMax offered an ease of operation solution as it allowed individual zone EQ to be tuned accordingly via a PC as needed. 7 EV EVID C4.2 and 20 pairs of EVID 4.2T ceiling speakers are installed throughout the restaurant areas to provide background music, driven by 4 EV PA2400T amplifiers.

The Still Bar, which can be subdivided to provide a smaller DJ lounge, was fixed with 2 ELX112P two-way speakers and 2 ELX118P subwoofers from EV’s Live X range, a ZXA1-90B two-way speaker as stage monitor, a EV DC-One controller, 2 R300-HD handheld wireless mic systems, a Cardinal cardioid condenser mic for lead vocals and a CMS-1000 Dynacord mixer to drive the systems. In addition, 2 ZXA1-90B two-way speakers with an N/D767a super cardioid mic complete with Bosch stand was provided as a mobile sound solution for any special requests by the customers.

Surveillance solutions from the Bosch Advantage Line were deployed to secure the entire premises of 22 Dempsey. WZ14, VDC-250 and VDC-260 cameras provided high quality images even in dark environments while the DVR 650 provided an easily operated solution for recording and storage.

Customer Benefit:

System control is easy and also allows for future expansions or enhancements. Also, the high sound quality of the EV systems enhanced the quality of the live music, creating an excellent environment not only for the performing bands, but also the patrons as well. Bosch cameras also offer high quality images and the presence of surveillance cameras acts as a deterrent to any criminal activity. In terms of cost, EV solutions and the Advantage Line were very affordable for the end-user.

Key Success Factors:

  • System ease of use and control
  • Excellent speaker sound and system design
  • Excellent back-end support
  • Great attention to detail by installer
  • Affordable price

“We’ve had lots of comments in the bar about our good sound system. It fills the criteria of providing good sound quality yet allowing our customers to still hold a conversation.”

Ms Tania Lim, F&B Director, Starworth Pte Ltd

Installed by:

Yatai Security & Communications Pte Ltd

80 Genting Lane, #08-09, Genting Block

Singapore 349565

Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

11 Bishan Street 21

Singapore 573943

+65 6571 2534

11 Bishan Street 21

Singapore 573943

+65 6571 2534