Ioan Gyuri Pascu rocks the True Club with Electro-Voice
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Ioan Gyuri Pascu rocks the True Club with Electro-Voice

June 18th, 2012

  • Pro Sound Solutions Romania recently equipped a top Bucharest club with Electro-Voice sound reinforcement equipment
  • The installation featured a variety of RX and EV-Innovation series loudspeakers, Xsubs and EVID cabinets as well as TG7 amplifiers, Dx46 signal processors and microphones
  • The new system made its debut at a concert given by the multi-talented Ioan Gyuri Pascu at the end of April
With the opening of the True Club, the Bucharest live entertainment scene now boasts another high-quality venue. The club, which can accommodate up to 250 guests at a time, hosts a wide variety of stage acts and offers excellent performance conditions for live music, largely thanks to its new Electro-Voice sound system.

Electro-Voice partner Pro Sound Solutions Romania recently installed the following Electro-Voice components in the club: a main PA consisting of RX-H212 loudspeakers aimed diagonally outwards from the front right- and left-hand corners of the stage, two ultra-compact EVU cabinets (from the EV-Innovation family) to serve the area directly in front of the stage, EVID loudspeakers in the sheltered areas such as the bar, Xsubs to reinforce the bass, and Live X ELX112P monitors to provide foldback. These were complemented by TG7 amplifiers, Dx46 signal processors, and Electro-Voice microphones.

The first real test for the new system came with a performance at the end of April by one of Romania's biggest stars, musician and comedian Ioan Gyuri Pascu, who resumed some of the highlights of his career: a mixture of cover versions, pop, rock, reggae, blues, and comedy. "The high artistic quality of the performance, combined with the diversity of the music programme, called for an outstanding performance and great versatility from the newly installed sound system," says Cornel Petcu, Sales Director of Pro Sound Solutions Romania. "Fortunately, it passed the test with flying colors! The club's owners, the performers and the audience well all highly impressed by the quality of the sound reinforcement."

snapshot, lf/gm, June 2012