The Thorn Birds make their inaugural debut in Vietnam with EV
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The Thorn Birds make their inaugural debut in Vietnam with EV

June 1st, 2012

The Thorn Birds stole the limelight as they put up a stunning acoustic performance during the recent Electro-Voice “Live for Sound” event, which also saw the regional introduction of Live X and ZXA1 loudspeaker families.

Vietnam’s latest EV microphone endorsers, The Thorn Birds features three energetic young artists – guitarist Nguyễn Thành Các and vocalists Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Mai and Trần Hải Châu – who all applauded their EV mics (including the new RE320 dynamic vocal/instrument model) for complementing their performances: “EV products provide sounds so real and vivid that our voices are raised to new heights.”

Terence Ng, General Manager, Bosch Security Systems Indochina, said: “Bosch believes in supporting young and promising artists in Vietnam to achieve success in the entertainment industry. We are confident that EV products will give them an edge in achieving their dreams.”

During the event, which was held in a stylish bar-restaurant, the audience of about 70 were also introduced to the Live X and ZXA1 speakers. Live demonstrations allowed them a fully immersive “Live for Sound” experience which impressed all present.