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Kenny Chesney Ups the Ante for Country Music Touring with Massive Remote Controlled Rig from EV

June 24th, 2005

With attendance numbers and an equipment list that one might associate with a Rolling Stones tour rather than a country tour, Chesney and his crew really upped the ante on this outing, with shows at venues like Washington DC’s FedEx Field taking the tour up a notch in terms of single night attendance numbers, attracting over 70,000 fans. Systems Engineer Ryan Nelson designed the touring rig with Phil Scobee, also of Morris Leasing. Nelson reported on the rig’s performance at the FedEx Field show, which he feels marked the beginning of a new era in country music touring production, both in terms of technology used and the sheer scale of the show:

“The show at FedEx Field was the first of a number of huge stadium shows for us - a step up from the arena-sized shows. It took two days to set up the rig. We flew maximum hangs of every X-Line and XLC line-array box we have out on the tour - well over 100. Each one of the 80 XLC boxes we brought out was used. We were at 16 cabinets deep wherever possible, with everything pretty much flattened out, EQ-wise. The main X-Line hangs were, as usual, two arrays of 16 per side. We only needed to change a couple of details in terms of configuration. Where we’d been using XLC rear fills for arena shows, we brought the arrays around for front coverage. We also flew XLC arrays as delays on two Stageco-designed towers, 195 feet out from the stage. These were mounted on the rear face of each tower to address the back of the stadium. We surrounded the base of each delay tower with XLC 118 subs. The system is powered by 124 P3000RL amps running EV’s IRIS™ software. IRIS is a fantastic step forward in amp technology, enabling one person to supervise the performance of dozens of boxes from a single PC. Automated system checks, including impedance measurements of individual speaker components, mean we can be sure the rig is going to work before we even unload it from the truck. This is the largest tour ever to go out with all remote-control amps, and sound production on this scale wouldn’t be happening without them. It goes without saying that the P-RL/IRIS combo saves time, money and manpower on an unprecedented level in touring, and only EV offers this technology.“

Another detail in the Morris Leasing crew’s precise pursuit of sonic perfection was evident at FOH position: their use of the “Auto-EQ“ function facilitated by interfacing the Klark Teknik DN6000™ audio analyzer and DN9340 Helix™ digital EQ. Nelson explained: “First off, the EV rig is already running pretty flat, especially since we’re using the RL-Series remote-control DSP amps. We’ve found using the Auto-EQ function to saves additional time when it comes to tuning the rig in these large spaces. To get the overall EQ right for a particular venue, rather than blaring pink noise for hours on end, we place a reference mic front of each zone of arrays, run it through the DN6000 interfaced with the Helix for Auto-EQ function, run pink noise up to about 102dB A-weighted, hit the Auto-EQ button and instantly receive an accurate, flat response from the PA. Needless to say, this saves a lot of time. We’ve cross-referenced our results with and without using Smaart™, and have found that the end results are better either way when we run the Auto-EQ first. Though the human ear will always be the best judge, it helps to have some technology on hand to reach desired system performance quicker. The X-Line and XLC line-arrays are renowned for their transparent, musical quality. Using the Auto-EQ function, we’re able to more accurately adapt these characteristics to venues of this size, saving us time and making the show sound better than anything audiences have heard in venues of this size before.“

More on the Kenny Chesney tour:


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