Live X Mini Concert in Bangkok, Thailand
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Live X Mini Concert in Bangkok, Thailand

July 29th, 2011

Live X Mini Concert in Bangkok, Thailand

23 June 2011: The Centerpoint Studio Lasalle in Bangkok was filled with over 300 guests, who joined us in the launch of our new EV loudspeaker, the Live X series. We did a demonstration of a few products like the ELX112P, ELX115P, ELX118P to educate the guests of the difference in sounds for the entire series.

The “mini concert cum pub” set-up aimed to shift guests into a more relaxed mood and enjoy our show. We had an introduction performance by a mini band led by Surasri Ittikhul, a leading singer in Thailand with our ELX215 and SUB118 products. Guests were indeed very impressed with the Live X Series which included the demonstration of the new microphone RE320 and EV-Innovation speaker for fixed installation.

The first hour of the concert was lined up with various performances consisting of 18 instrumental music pieces. The orchestra played with a string band and invited saxophonist , Koh Mr.Saxman, supported by  the full range of EV XLC Line Array System.

They performed ten popular Thai and international songs including Have I Told You Lately, I Don’t Want to Talk about It, Need You Now, Phaowana and Tarm Roi Por. We ended the concert with a performance by rock artist, The Sun Band, displaying how good and  impressive our EV products were to the audience in supporting all kinds of music.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the 300 guests who attended our launch whom by now, are assured of the quality of EV sound from this event. These guests included the Bangkok and upcountry dealers from MI shops, SI and dealers, sound engineers, organizers, artists, musicians, end users, and the media who have shared and published our success throughout Pro Sound market in Thailand.

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