Halloween Hits High SPL’S in the Wake of Wilma... with EV and Dynacord
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Halloween Hits High SPL’S in the Wake of Wilma... with EV and Dynacord

November 4th, 2005

The idea was to look on the bright side - instead of the creepy side - of life, in a morale booster for the weather worn community. Drummer Boy Sound (DBS) of Pembroke Pines, FL, brought in their Dynacord Cobra-2 compact line array rig for the outdoor event, which was headlined by national Latin-American Christian recording artists Contagious and attended by 9000 people - 1000 more than anticipated. Local authorities extended the curfew to allow the community to gather for the event, and people flocked in from surrounding counties for the free food and entertainment. DBS owner Cummings described how, despite hurricane hindrance, the show went on:

“Like all the events I do, there seems to be extraordinary hurdles that arise, but with the grace of God they get worked out! And, with the weather the way it has been down here this year, those hurdles have been high! This show was originally scheduled for 8000 people, and we worked out the details a month ago - including a 45kva, 37Kw diesel generator. After the show was spec’d, Hurricane Wilma hit Broward County (where CCRC resides) as a category three storm, knocking power out to two million people a week before the planned event!

“Needless to say, getting my generator before time seemed out of the question, and tents and other production equipment was also scarce. However, the church staff had an emergency meeting and decided to go on with the show. Their thinking was that the community really needed to get together like this, and we agreed. The church had enough free food and drinks to feed 8000 people, free bags of ice, bouncy houses, rock climbing, games and, of course, Contagious to provide the night’s live entertainment. And, as it turned out, a generator was made available the day of the show, so we didn’t need to cut corners on the production after all.“

Cummings continued: “From input to output, the show sounded phenomenal. We brought in our “compact powerhouse’ rig: A Dynacord Cobra-2 system, EV wireless mics, monitors and fills, Midas Verona console and KT processing. We got positive feedback from all quarters. Virgil Sierra (front man for Contagious) was especially impressed with the EV wireless mic’s and QRx, ZX1 and Plasma monitors and fills. He said “It felt good to be on stage and, no matter where I went, I was able to hear myself. I love the sound of the RE-1 N/D767 wireless mic, and the mix on the mic was awesome.’ Jay Carrero (percussion player for Contagious) agreed - “You guys gave me what I needed on stage; the monitors cut through clean and clear.’ That’s what they want to hear, and that’s what we want to hear.“

“Event organizers John Elswick and Mike Chalk told us that we’d really raised the bar for future events,“ Cummings continued, “and again, even I was impressed - the crowds keep getting bigger for us as our reputation grows, and the Cobra keeps on delivering the goods - even for 9000 people. I could hear the system all the way back to the main sanctuary (about 500 ft. in front of the stage) and it sounded awesome. I can’t imagine the throw being any further if we’d flown the speakers! The Cobra’s 120-degree dispersion filled the two football field-sized area with sound, with tons of the headroom left to spare. We were able to run the entire sound system - FOH and Monitor world, three amp racks and stage power - via four 20-amp circuits. All day long the system ran with no breakers going, and with all the headroom I needed. Things worked out great, despite the circumstances.“

Equipment used for show:

Midas Verona 32 ch (FOH)

Dynacord Cobra system (4 tops, 4 SUB, 2 PWH total, w/ Cobra-dedicated drive rack) FOH system

KT DN100 DI’s for band (4)

EV RE-1 dual receivers (3)

EV RE-1 N/D767 wireless mic’s (6)

EV ZX-1 loudspeakers (4) front audience fill

EV Plasma P1 powered loudspeakers (2) side fills

EV QRX112 loudspeakers (7) band stage monitors

EV CP2200 amplifiers (2)

EV CP3000S amplifiers (4)



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