Electro-Voice XLC: the Sound of Silenci in Barcelona
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Electro-Voice XLC: the Sound of Silenci in Barcelona

May 18th, 2010

Barcelona-based install and rental company Graells So I LLums recently installed a range of Electro-Voice sound systems at Sala Silenci (Quiet Room), a club/multifunction space near Barcelona.

Systems from EV were selected to precisely address four different areas across two floors: the main Silenci and Tubu areas on the first floor and the Vinil and Chill areas on the second floor.

Silenci is the biggest space in the venue and is equipped with eight XLC 127DVX full range line array elements and four Xsubs, ensuring world-class audio performance for its weekend role as a club space and weeknight capacity as a live performance space.

“We needed a powerful and versatile system, and that’s why we chose the XLC,” says Ovidi of Graells So I Llums. “Flexibility was a main consideration along with sound quality. The property was very clear about the importance of using the best sound system in the market and from the beginning we knew EV was the right choice.”

The entire system in the Silenci space is powered by CP series amplifiers (four CP4000 and four CP3000S/II) and processed via a NetMax N8000-1500, which serves as a crossover, EQ and level supervisor. The N8000-1500 centralizes signal routing between the various spaces with a customized interface, minimizing the amount of control hardware necessary in the venue.

The Tubu (Tube) area owes its name to its long shape. Separated from the main Silenci space by panels, Tubu serves as the main rock room at the venue. Four of EV’s compact ZX3 loudspeakers are installed along the length of the space, accompanied by two TX2181 woofers. All the loudspeakers are powered by two CP3000S/II amplifiers.

The Vinil (Vinyl) cocktail bar is located upstairs. “Vinil is the place to flirt, chat and enjoy a great cocktail with great company,” says Ovidi. “That’s why we decided to use the same formula we used for Tubu: four ZX3s, two Tour-X woofers and a couple of CP3000S/II amps for power.”

The Chill area follows the same philosophy, focusing high-quality, low profile systems over the area to provide seamless sound reinforcement of exceptional quality, with EVID 8.2 recessed ceiling speakers and QRx215S full range boxes powered by EV’s Q series amplifiers.