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Trans-Siberian Orchestra® Hits 10 with EV

December 28, 2006
Blending a contemporary Christmas narrative with metal-tinged takes on festive classics such as “The Carol of the Bells,“ these parallel outings pack stadiums night after night, generating record-breaking popularity with Broadway caliber casts of over twenty members, jaw-dropping musicianship, mind-boggling lightshows, white-hot pyrotechnics and stellar sound quality.

EV & Dynacord Work Out at Illinois Gym

December 27, 2006
“The clients needed a reliable, high quality zoned music and paging system,“ says Ron Schaap of

EV Announces Namm Party at House of Blues Anaheim!

December 20, 2006
The Place: The House of Blues, Anaheim, California.

Minnesota Church Celebrates with the Sound of Ev

December 20, 2006
The main PA is comprised of seven Xi-1183 boxes in an LCR configuration, flown above four Xsubs under the stage.

Dealer Incentive Trip to Aruba a Huge Success!

December 18, 2006
From November 28th to December 3rd, Telex entertained qualifying dealers in the Caribbean climes of Aruba.

First EV Netmax Installation in Minnesota goes into House of Worship

December 18, 2006
The main worship space at Grace Lutheran features three EV Xi-1153A/64 loudspeakers with two Xi-1082 side fills, all powered by CPS2.

EV Brings Big Sound to Small Town Venue

December 15, 2006
For years, Austin’s Saloon has attracted many regional acts with the promise of sold-out crowds as hungry for rock as they are for Austin’s famous hamburgers.

Legendary Los Angeles Venue Gets New Lease of Life with EV

December 15, 2006
Built in 1924 as the boxing, weightlifting and wrestling venue for the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, generations of Grand Olympic audiences witnessed some of the greatest fights and wrestling events of all time.

Avishai Cohen uses EV RE20

December 12, 2006
“ . . . one of the most gifted bassists of his generation is finding his own voice as a composer.

Electro-Voice Loudspeakers are Everyman’s Choice

December 8, 2006
Hot-foot from a recent EV installation at the famous Dorchester Hotel,

EV Mic Endorsers The Monks Perform with EV Raven Microphones on European Tour

December 4, 2006
Berlin, Germany (December 4, 2006): EV mic endorsers the Monks recently returned to Germany to hoist their rock “n’ roll flag for the first time in 40 years.

Electro-Voice Scores First UK Installation of XLD Line Array

December 1, 2006
The 500-capacity club is housed in one of Glasgow’s first cinema buildings.

EV’S ZX Series Speakers: A Perfect Fit for New London Club

December 1, 2006
Once the name of the fine wine division of the Bass drinks empire, Hedges & Butler has been resurrected in a series of atmospheric interconnected rooms, located in a warren of arched brick vaults below London’s Regent Street.
schmittinger EV.jpg

Markus Schmittinger Strengthens EVI Audio

December 1, 2006
In Schmittinger, EVI Audio has secured the services of a man with a proven track record as a pro audio specialist.

Electro-Voice Participates in North American Sales Meeting - Tucson, Arizona

November 22, 2006
From October 30 - November 2, Telex held their first annual North American Sales Meeting as part of the Bosch Group.

Britannia Row Supplies EV X-Line for Razorlight UK Tour

November 14, 2006
According to front-of-house engineer Ian Laughton, there are two reasons why the crew have coped so well: firstly, the flexibility of X-Line; secondly, what Laughton describes as “the genius of Colin Burrell,“

EV Sound for TV “Nashville Star“ Jody Evans

November 13, 2006
“I was a little worried because we had a very short sound check,“ says Stephen Gent, S&S owner and FOH engineer.

Shuttlesound Appoints Neal Allen as Concert Sound Specialist

November 9, 2006
Electro-Voice’s massive range of sound reinforcement products means that the

Simply Red Tour Germany with EV X-Line

November 9, 2006
One of the largest companies in Germany providing technical services in the event business,

EV X-Line a Fundamental on Pet Shop Boys Tour

November 6, 2006
All line arrays are not created equal “We already know how well the X-Line works as a rock box,“ says Systems Tech Mike “Monk“ Shear of

EVIDs Take off at Ecuador Airport

November 6, 2006
The airport’s eight-zone selective paging system includes 66x EVID 6.

Atlanta Sound and Lighting EV Line Array Event Diary

November 3, 2006
“ASL has an extensive selection of Electro-Voice and Dynacord equipment on hand,“ Stapleton says, “from the ultra-compact Dynacord Cobra-2, XA2 and EV XLE systems to the EV XLD and XLC.

Complete EV/ Dynacord/ Midas/ Klark Teknik/ RTS System for Showpiece Chinese Cultural Center

October 27, 2006
When bidding for this prestigious audio installation project began, many top engineers, consultants and representatives from the world’s most respected audio manufacturers flew to Dalian to compete.

EV Variplex Makes an Impact in China’S Booming Digital Cinema Business

October 26, 2006
Featuring the first major sound installation at a digital cinema in southwestern China’s Yunnan province, the Dadi digital cinema in Dali City is a two screen, state-of-the-art facility that sets a template for Dadi & EV’s continued success in the industry.

EV ZLXi: Sounding Suite at Ford Center, OKC

October 25, 2006
“86 EV ZX1i compact loudspeakers are distributed around the center’s club level, aimed precisely over the 50-plus suite balconies, filling a narrow pocket that the main house PA can’t reach,“ explained Jeff Blount of

South Beach Hotel Steps up to EV

October 20, 2006
“The hotel wanted their weekend DJ sets to have plenty of punch for the club crowd, but with the controlled SPLs and precise coverage necessary to comply with local noise ordinances and ensure guests remained undisturbed in other parts of the hotel,“ reported Gus Fuentes of

Ev Endorsers, Megadeth, use EV Wired/Wireless Mics on Gigantour 2006

October 18, 2006
Longtime EV microphone endorsers Megadeth have been on the “killing road“ since early September as the headlining act on Gigantour 2006.

Megadeth Bassist James Lomenzo Puts EV Wired/ Wireless Mics through Paces on World Tour!

October 17, 2006
Electro-Voice is extremely proud to have one of the most versatile and talented bassists in the world on its list of artist endorsers.

Devo on Tour with EV/EV Blue Microphones

October 16, 2006
Electro-Voice is proud to introduce the latest addition to their artist endorsement program-none other than the quirky, intelligent, and postmodern collective DEVO.

Pro Drummer Keith Capsuto Joins EV Endorser Team

October 16, 2006
Electro-Voice is very pleased to add professional drummer/drum clinician Keith Capsuto to its family of wired/wireless microphone endorsers.

Ryan Seacrest and EV Mics: Radio Lollipop Debuts at Children’S Hospital

October 13, 2006
EV RE27N/D Microphones Featured Throughout Los Angeles, California (October 13, 2006): With help from 102.

EV XLC: A Sound Solution for an Asymmetrical Sanctuary

October 11, 2006
“This was an extreme case of architecture versus acoustics, but it all worked out superbly,“ reported Greg Mace of GJM.

EV Sx500+ Distributed Sound for North Georgia College

October 10, 2006
“The prior sound system worked well using the products available when it was installed 18 years ago, but it was time for a different approach.

AVI Nashville Tames Wild Audio Problems with EV

October 3, 2006
An initial meeting with the trainers uncovered numerous problems with their existing sound system-lots of hum, buzz and inadequate coverage for an amphitheater.

Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, 500,000 Romans, and EV

September 29, 2006
The two-for-one superstar event took place on the July 31st 2006, on a stage where many of the world’s greatest artists have performed over the last three years, in front of the Coliseum and in the magical setting of the Fori Imperiali (Imperial Forums).

EV Sound for “All the King’S Men“ U.S. Premiere

September 29, 2006
Starring Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Jude Law, the movie is based upon the life and times of legendary Louisiana politician Huey P.
BFH In - cropped.jpg

Pro Sound News, September 2006: Sound Innovations: Efficiency and Accuracy by Design - Electro-Voice Dvx Woofers

September 29, 2006
SOUND INNOVATIONS: Electro-Voice DVX Woofers By Alan Babb, Electro-Voice Transducer Engineer The DVX Series is the latest generation of high-performance woofers from Electro-Voice (EV).

All-EV Sound for the Detroit International Jazz Festival

September 27, 2006
A top-shelf lineup of Jazz, Blues and Soul stars-including headliners Sergio Mendes, Diane Schuur, Taj Mahal, Dr John, CJ Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco, Richie Havens, Mose Allison and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band-performed on the festival’s main stages.

Telex EVI Audio China Holds Second Technical Training Academy

September 21, 2006
In addition to classes covering electro-acoustic, architectural and audio evaluation theory, the three-day training placed an emphasis on the technical features and applications of new products for 2006, including Midas consoles, Klark Teknik Square One graphics and dynamics, and EV wireless microphones.

Dynacord Cobra Brings Big Name DJs to Spy Bar, Chicago

September 14, 2006
“Spy Bar’s owners chose the Cobra as their new main room system after the DJ booth was renovated earlier this year,“ reported Eric Dahl of Audiolines.

Open Air Cinema in XXL Format with EV XLE & XLD

September 14, 2006
However idyllic the Landgrave’s Residence in Butzbach may seem as a venue, it poses awkward problems for production companies, as the palace, built 700-years ago by Landgrave Philipp of Hessen-Butzbach, is situated plumb in the middle of the town.

Urban Mystic: Neo Soul at Sobe Live with EV

September 12, 2006
“The SoBe Live group understands the importance of providing top quality sound reinforcement for their artists,“ reported Harold Cummings of

Grenada’S Spicemas Carnival Steps up to EV, Midas & KT

September 11, 2006
After many years spent contracting sound companies with proprietary systems for concerts organized under the banner of parent company Sunshine Promotions, Ian (Judah) St.

EV Sx600: Setting the Standard for Sports Sound

September 7, 2006
Sx boxes are a stock-in-trade choice for audio specialists like John Davidson of WES, who recently specified Sx600 (dual-element vertical line array in a single lightweight enclosure) and compact Sx300 loudspeakers at Dover High School football field in Dover, Ohio: “We do a lot of work at school sports facilities,“ Davidson commented, “and find EV Sx600PIX (“PIX’ designating the weatherproof, constant voltage option) loudspeakers offer an unparalleled combination of high output, long throw, focused coverage and full-bandwidth intelligibility for outdoor applications like this.

EV ZX1i: Smart Sound at Loyola Marymount University

September 6, 2006
LMU has smart classrooms all over campus; the first of these were installed in 1996, the latest in 2004.

Tim Lepard

September 2, 2006
At 44, Tupelo, MS-based Tim “Wild Thang“ Lepard has been involved in the world of professional rodeo for 28 years, and is now one of the USA’s best and busiest rodeo clowns.

EV Checks into the Dorchester, London

August 30, 2006
The Crystal Bar manifests all the Dorchester’s themes of luxury, quality and high service standards; opening directly onto Park Lane, the venue is compact and opulent, and finished to a high degree of craftsmanship.

EV XLD Ups the Ante at Akron Dinner Theatre

August 30, 2006
The Carousel’s Resident Sound Designer and FOH Engineer Jason Marshall described how the XLD has put the

London Community Gospel Choir Headlines Fruitstock Festival with EV Mics!

August 30, 2006
Dressed in pure white, 40 members of the

All EV for Canad-Inn Stadium, Winnipeg

August 25, 2006
“We felt that it was in our best interest to partner with a manufacturer that could offer a complete system solution from input to output,“ commented Barry Carr of

EV Adds Venom to Kolkata, India, Club

August 24, 2006
Having found a recipe for sonic success at the renowned Starstruck lounge in Kolkata (also an all-EV house), Venom owner Mr.

The Reverend Al Green

August 23, 2006
ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: THE REVEREND AL GREEN The Reverend Al Green is known the world over for his extraordinary voice, his unmistakable sound and his legendary hits.

Telex Welcomes New International Sales Representative for Latin America

August 18, 2006
Nicolas brings many solid technical and practical skills to his new position, having worked as an information technology and systems engineer, a live venue assistant and an intern designer for web conferencing solutions.

Electro-Voice Endorsers Hoist the EV Flag on Ozzfest 2006

August 17, 2006
From June 29th to August 13th, 2006, the biggest names in metal stomped the terra, inciting mayhem and hoisting the EV flag high from Seattle to West Palm Beach, Florida, and all stops between.

Electro-Voice Phoenix™ Loudspeaker System Excels at Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis

August 17, 2006
From August 10th to August 14th, 2006, indie rock bands from around the U.

Norfolk Jazz Fest Sounds Better than Ever with V

August 17, 2006
Doug Arble, Operations Manager with Craft-Work Sound, has put their XLC127+ / X-sub rig to task at a wide range of large indoor and outdoor events since the system was purchased at the end of 2005.

EV Unleashes Gut-Churning SPLs at Sounds of the Underground!!!

August 15, 2006
This year’s SOTU tour features all manner of metal and hardcore heavyweights, including Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, and many more.

Triple Showtechniek Invests in EV for Jan Smit Tour

August 14, 2006
Jan Smit first achieved stardom in his native Holland nine years ago.
Festival dEte Quebec 2006 (Scorpions 7).jpg

2006 Festival d’été de Québec a Resounding Triumph with LE GROUPE SPL and EV

August 4, 2006
LE GROUPE SPL and EV Welcome over 80,000 Concertgoers to Festival d’été de Québec Twisted Sister and Scorpions Shatter all Previous Attendance Records (Québec City, Québec) - From July 6th to July 16th, 2006, Québec-based sound/lighting/video company Le Groupe SPL provided the utmost in quality audio for the Festival d’été de Québec, held at Abraham Plain in Québec City, Québec.

Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik, and Urban Communications Instrumental in Providing Utmost in Sonic Quality for Macy’s Day of Music

August 4, 2006
Telex Communications’ pro audio brands and Minneapolis-based production company Urban Communications were recently instrumental in facilitating the utmost in sonic quality at the 24-hour music extravaganza held at Orchestra Hall from noon on Friday, July 14, through noon on Saturday, July 15.

EV Provides Premium Pub Audio in India

August 4, 2006
With all the ambience and aesthetic detail of an authentic English pub, 10 Downing Street Nagpur features a state of the art EV and Dynacord sound system to accommodate the wide range of artists and events the pub hosts, including retro theme nights, hip hop, house and local Hindi remix evenings.

EV Netmax Makes Debut in Historic London Venue

August 3, 2006
The team behind the Coronet re-launch includes Simon Parkes, the man who rescued the derelict Brixton Academy in the 1980s.

EV XLC Impresses At Orlando Church

August 3, 2006
“We’ve had great success with EV equipment in houses of worship because EV takes the time to help us educate the customer about exactly what they’re purchasing, how it works, and why it’s right for them.

EV XLD Excels at Ealing Summer Festival

August 3, 2006
In the Main Tent, Kent-based PA company

Prize Winner Opts for EV Eliminators

August 1, 2006
“The Eliminators are fantastic,“ reported Romero, “These subs will join my Eliminator i top boxes, and I’m really happy to be all-EV now.

EV X-Line: Loud & Proud with Lynyrd Skynyrd and 3 Doors Down

July 21, 2006
LD Systems’ Electro-Voice X-Line System, comprised of 40 Xvls, 8 Xvlt, and 28 Xsub boxes, is delivering the Skynyrd classics and 3DD hits with unmatched musicality and punchiness night after night.

World Cup Opens with EV Sound

July 20, 2006
The World Cup opening gala (conceived by Christian Stückl, Director of the Volkstheater in Munich) gave Germany the opportunity to present its finest face to the world before a ball had even been kicked - good-humored and hospitable, but consummately professional.

Bosch to Acquire Telex Communications, A Leading Supplier of Communication Systems

July 19, 2006
Telex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional audio, wireless, life safety and communication equipment.

EV Installed in One of India’s Largest Churches

July 19, 2006
Acoustic Control designed a system to provide sound reinforcement inside the worship hall and plaza areas, with the same audio signal routed to loudspeakers in the shrine, basement and parish office.

EV Sponsors the Ernie Ball “Battle Of The Bands’ on the 2006 Warped Tour

July 19, 2006
For 10 years, the biggest names and manufacturers in the music industry have joined up as sponsors for the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, helping give unsigned bands a once-in-a-lifetime shot at fame and thousands of dollars in rock and roll prizes - all while reaching a mass of consumers through the Vans Warped Tour.

Black Violin Celebrate “Juneteeth“ with EV

July 18, 2006
The group recently lent their talents to the annual “Juneteenth“ events held in Miami’s historic Overtown district at the Booker T.

EV RE27 Stars in ’A Prairie Home Companion’

July 12, 2006
Eight of the photogenic broadcast industry standard mics get some serious screen time in the movie, which is based upon the perennially popular Minnesota Public Radio Show broadcast from the historic Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul - a stones throw from EV headquarters in Burnsville, MN.

Piranha Bites Back in Vegas with EV

July 12, 2006
“Piranha is inside a beautifully renovated building - no expense was spared in the process, and we wanted to ensure that the sound and lighting was equally impressive,“ reported Steve Likourinou of Limelite DJ Supply.

EV Sound for Virginia Church

July 10, 2006
Jim Hogan of Newcomb/IES reported: “We’ve built a strong working relationship with FHBC over the years, having done installs at some of their other facilities.

Mayday Rave in Dortmund with EV

July 7, 2006
A lot has changed since the first Mayday rave fifteen years ago at Berlin’s Weißensee.

EV XLC: The First Line Array Installed in India

July 5, 2006
The installation at Christ College Auditorium, Bangalore, also features EV amplification, monitors, RE2 wireless systems, PolarChoice podium microphones and Dx38 processing.

Ministry: EV Wireless on World Tour with Industrial Rockers

July 2, 2006
In this most extreme sonic environment, wireless failure is not an option.

Tony Sawyer Strengthens Telex Pro Audio Group in Africa and Middle East

July 2, 2006
Since the beginning of June 2006, Tony Sawyer has been lending his experience and expertise to the Telex Pro Audio Group workforce in the Middle East and Africa, his responsibilities including the provision of technical support to customers in both the touring and fixed installation sectors.

Metallica in Berlin with TSE AG & EV

June 28, 2006
Weeks before the American metal kings appeared, Berlin’s Waldbühne in the suburb of Charlottenburg was already sold out, with fans from all over Germany and surrounding countries falling over each other to get tickets for what was to be Metallica’s only solo concert in the region.

EV Installed at State of the Art Ohio Recital Hall

June 27, 2006
An exploded cluster comprised of two EV Xi1123 and a single central Xi1153 serve as main loudspeakers; five Xi1082 (in white) are used as stage lip speakers.

Courtney Pine Debuts New Film Score with Custom EV Horn Mic

June 21, 2006
Courtney approached Shuttlesound to find a solution to the problem of miking his bass clarinet for the live performance.

UK’s Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College Partners with Shuttlesound in Major Educational Initiative

June 21, 2006
BCUC has purchased a substantial sound reinforcement system from Shuttlesound, featuring a Dynacord XA2 loudspeaker system, with Electro-Voice ZX4 floor monitors, powered by EV CP2200 amplifiers.

Bandshell Sounds Brilliant with EV

June 16, 2006
“This system will work for a wide range of applications, from simple vocal announcements during band concerts to full sound reinforcement for pop concerts,“ reported Kent Johnson of Integrated Audio.

EV ZX5 Solves Sound Problems at Ohio Church

June 16, 2006
Two ZX5 boxes (in white) replaced an inefficient central cluster - a remnant of the mid-80s that was sending a confusion of HF into the room from three point sources.

World’S First Custom Color EV XLCi Install at Springfield House of Worship

June 16, 2006
“We heard how well XLCi performs in difficult acoustical environments last year, when we demo’d the system at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lansing, IL,“ reported Jonathan Darling.

EV and Dynacord Systems Heard in World Cup Stadia Across Germany

June 14, 2006
Dynacord ProAnnounce and EV NetMax (running IRIS-Net software) systems form the heart of these installations in stadia across Germany, integrated with a wide range of custom-installed EV loudspeakers and remote-control Precision Series amplifiers.

EV Rocks Infocomm 2006 to Smithereens!

June 14, 2006
The new DVX woofer loaded XLC made a fantastic first impression, keeping EV’s renowned warm sound intact in a system capable of delivering higher SPLs and amazing clarity.

EV’S New Zx5 Speakers Bring Clarity and Realism to Cardiff Baptist Church

June 14, 2006
Specified by local church installation specialist David Corick of Springwood Professional Services, the system includes a Dynacord PowerMate 2200 22-input mixing desk, and a comprehensive package of Electro-Voice lapel and lectern microphones, ideal for a church which regularly features bands of up to 12 pieces in its services.

Gregg Rolie Uses EV on Tour This Summer!

June 14, 2006
Bio: Gregg Rolie Gregg Rolie is responsible for co-founding two phenomenally popular, multi-platinum many times over supergroups.

ThundHerstruck: Official AC/DC (All Female) Tribute Band Relies on EV!

June 14, 2006
Thundherstruck Bio: Bass, Andrea Zermeno: Andrea Zermeno was born in Southern California.

Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitar God Uses EV RE-1 Guitar Wireless on the Road

June 14, 2006
Yngwie Malmsteen Bio Yngwie Malmsteen was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 30, 1963.

BlackHawk: Legends Sign with Rust Records, Tour Extensively with EV Wired and Wireless Mics

June 13, 2006

Electro-Voice (EV) Launches New Model in their Mid-Size Compact Line-Array Family: XLC127DVX

June 13, 2006
Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): Based on the highly successful XLC127+ Compact Line Array, Electro-Voice is pleased to introduce the XLC127DVX, a three-way, full-bandwidth line array element featuring EV’s newest DVX 3121 12-inch and DVN2065 6.

Electro-Voice’ (EV’) Launches Tour-Grade™ Amplifiers at Infocomm 2006

June 13, 2006
Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): Electro-Voice is pleased to launch its new flagship concert sound amplifiers: Tour-Grade.

EV (Electro-Voice) Introduces the PolarChoice™ Boundary Satellite Wireless Microphone at Infocomm 2006

June 13, 2006
Orlando, FL (June 7th, 2006): The new PolarChoice™ Boundary Satellite wireless microphone from EV brings the benefits of wireless to the boardroom, conference center, or podium.

EV Introduces CP4000S to Precision Compact Series of Power Amplifiers at InfoComm

June 13, 2006
Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): The Precision Compact Series is EV’s dedicated amplifier line for demanding audio applications that require light weight, high performance and high efficiency.

EV Launches Phoenix Loudspeaker Line at Infocomm 2006

June 13, 2006
Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): Phoenix is a line of high output loudspeakers designed to specifically address the needs of regional PA professionals and rental companies.

EV Launches the New Rev Wireless System at Infocomm 2006

June 13, 2006
EV’s new REV professional wireless system offers an array of new and different features from its predecessor the RE-1.

Pete Anderson: Guitar Wizard Chooses EV RE-1 Wireless/EVM-12L Classic Guitar Loudspeakers

June 13, 2006
The term “legend“ is too often bandied about when talking about musical artists.

Terri Walker: Electro-Voice/Shuttlesound Puts EV Endorsement Behind British Chanteuse

June 13, 2006
SHUTTLESOUND PUTS ELECTRO-VOICE ENDORSEMENT BEHIND TERRI WALKER With a UK tour starting in just a few weeks, British soul singer and songwriter Terri Walker has been talent-spotted by Shuttlesound as the perfect endorsee for Electro-Voice’s wireless microphones.

Terry Evans: Vocal Powerhouse and Band Perform Around the World with EV Mics

June 13, 2006
ABOUT TERRY EVANS... His musical journey began in Vicksburg, Mississippi, in the heart of the Delta, where he was born.

Triple Showtechniek invests in Electro-Voice for Jan Smit Tour

June 13, 2006
Triple Showtechniek invests for Jan Smit Tour The rental company Triple Showtechniek has invested in an extensive audio package that includes systems from Electro-Voice, Klark Teknik and Midas for this summer’s Jan Smit Tour Straubing, Germany, June 2006: Jan Smit first achieved stardom in his native Holland nine years ago.

Alison Hinds: Queen of Soca Uses EV RE-1 Wireless On Tour

June 8, 2006
The talented chanteuse who is now referred tp as the “Queen of Soca“ was born in England on June 01, 1970, and raised by her mother and father.

Machel Montano: Trinidadian Soca Star Uses EV RE-1 Wireless on Tour

June 8, 2006
BIO: MACHEL MONTANO Machel Montano is a young Trinidadian who is edging his name among the elite in the music industry.

Rupee: Chartbusting Caribbean Artist Uses EV RE-1 Professional Wireless on Tour

June 8, 2006
“Music is all about evolution and progression.

Champtown: Detroit Rap/Hip-Hop Magnet Only Performs with EV Wireless

June 5, 2006
Champtown says, “I’m an artist and I work hard at being the best.

Annie Minogue Band

June 2, 2006
The AMB lineup, consisting of Nunzio Signore (Guitar), Jeff Catania (Guitar), Nick Saya (Drums), Peter Williamson (Bass) and Minogue (Vocals), never fails to stimulate and excite audiences.

Billy Walker: EV Expresses Sympathies to Family and Friends of Country Music Legend

June 2, 2006
Grand Ole Opry star Billy Walker and his wife Bettie who were killed Sunday (May 21 2006) when the van he was driving left the road and overturned on I-65, south of Montgomery, Ala.

Systems Etc Invests in EV XLE Line Array

June 2, 2006
Why XLE? Mani says he wanted to “stay EV“: Last year, Systems Etc invested in an EV XLC system, which they used to great effect at mainstream events for up to 30,000 people.

Tour Grade Series Amplifiers: EV Unleashes its New Intelligent Power Monsters!

June 2, 2006
The TG7 and TG5 models are superior state-of-the-art power amps based on a three-stage class H Grounded Bridge design and intelligent switching power supply technology.

Unicef Gala in the Hague with Electro-Voice

June 2, 2006
It was the top social event of the year in The Hague: the UNICEF gala on the 25th March.

Blasko: EV Wireless at the Forefront of Ozzfest

June 1, 2006
Rob Nicholson, also known as “Blasko“, will be playing bass in this year’s incarnation of legend Ozzy Osbourne’s band, aside fellow EV endorser, Zakk Wylde.

Ed “Mr Improv“ Hull

June 1, 2006
West Texas horn maestro Ed Hull is a busy guy, whose improv skills have garnered him a top shelf professional reputation that stretches back over three decades.

Electro-Voice Microphones Shine at the Australian Gospel Music Festival

June 1, 2006
Along with a strong showing of Electro-Voice speaker systems, the festival’s number two venue, the Bigtop, was an all-EV environment when it came to microphones.

EV/Blue Raven™ Flies High with Andrews Sisters Tribute in Tasmania

June 1, 2006
The Andrews Girls show is so popular that people flew in from as far away as Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand just for this performance.

Zakk Wylde: Guitar Hero Swears by EV- Introduces EVM-12L BLACK LABEL

June 1, 2006
Zakk Wylde Interview, March 20th, The Quest, Minneapolis Please visit

DevilDriver: Metal Giants Tour with EV Wireless and Wired Mics

May 30, 2006
Dez Fafara - vocals, EV mics Mike Spreitzer - guitar, EV RE-1 wireless Jeff Kendrick - guitar, EV RE-1 wireless Jon Miller - bass, EV RE-1 wireless John Boecklin - Drums, ass’t EV mics For lead singer Dez Fafara, music has always been a devil driver of sorts - allowing him to drive away all of the demons of his world with a bellowing howl that is distinctively his.

In Concert Sound Flies High with EV & The Blue Angels

May 26, 2006
ICP put the latest additions to their extensive EV inventory - EV XLC127+ line arrays, Xsubs, ZX5 and SxA250 boxes - to task in front of crowds that swelled to 50,000 people each day.

Southern Culture on the Skids: EV N/D967 Mics Preferred by Trashabilly Freaks

May 25, 2006
“One of the great things about the EV N/D967 mics is that I don’t chip my teeth anymore! That was a real problem with what we had been using! Not only that, they sound great!“ - Mary Huff, Bass, Southern Culture on the Skids “The EV N/D967 is great because I really know where that sweet spot is.

DB Sound Image and Electro-Voice (EV) Meet Critical Demands of R. Kelly ’Light It Up’ Tour

May 19, 2006
Milwaukee, WI (April 28, 2006): Ubiquitous FOH engineer Rob “Cubby“ Colby is world-renowned as a wizard behind the desk.

Shuttlesound Opens its Doors to Telex Academy

May 19, 2006
20 pro audio professionals from all over England and Scotland attended this Academy, which focused on the needs of the permanent installation market.

Telex Pro Audio Group Hosts Sam Ash Academy

May 17, 2006
While most of the academy activities took place in and around Telex’s leafy corporate campus in Burnsville, MN, a field trip to nationally renowned club MYTH gave guests the pleasure of hearing a big EV rig in action at an Avenged Sevenfold show.

The Heart of Brisbane Pumps with EV XLD

May 17, 2006
Brisbane City Hall was constructed during the 1920s at a cost of 980,000 pounds.

Telex Communications Pro Audio Group Welcomes New Ontario Sales Representative

May 16, 2006
McArthur replaces Greg Hansen who represented the Telex Pro Audio Group brands in Ontario for the past four years.

EV Tees Off in Augusta with Atlanta Sound and Lighting

May 9, 2006
The outdoor event was held at the famous golf course’s First Tee practice area, where event promoters Sixthman Productions assembled a stellar bill including golf enthusiasts Hootie and the Blowfish, Collective Soul, Better than Ezra and Emerson Hart from Tonic.

Rockie Lynne Returns to the Twin Cities for CD Release Events

May 9, 2006
On Tuesday May 2nd, Rockie entertained a packed house at Best Buy in Richfield, MN, with a CD signing and acoustic performance.

EV Hosts Netmax / Iris-Net Certification Training Session

May 4, 2006
Each student was given a complete system for hands-on exercises and demonstrations.

In Concert Sound Flies High with EV & The Blue Angels

May 4, 2006
Over the last weekend in April, Atlanta-based In Concert Productions, Inc.

EV Line Arrays at Aussie Gospel Fest

May 3, 2006
For the second year running, the main stage featured an X-Line system with eight XVLS and four XVLT cabinets per side, powered by EV P3000 amplifiers and controlled by Klark Teknik DN 9848 controllers.
L-R Roy Bonilla Juan Araya Andres Salcedo Ernesto Kranwinkel Rocky Muir_550.jpg

EV Hosts Training Session for Central American & Caribbean Service Centers

May 1, 2006
In attendance were Andres Salcedo (Service Director) and Ernesto Kranwinkel (President) of Krater S.

EV at ShoWest 2006: The Movies Have Never Sounded So Good!

April 20, 2006
ShoWest gives people who work behind the scenes in the movie business the opportunity to interact with the familiar faces of film - A-list stars, multi-million-dollar grossing directors, producers and executives all pencil ShoWest in as a means of keeping their finger on the pulse of innovations in the industry.

Most Outstanding Players at 2006 NCAA Final Four: dB Sound Image and Electro-Voice (EV)

April 20, 2006
Given the logistics involved, contract holders turned to Chicago-based sound and production giant dB Sound Image to ensure everything would go off without a hitch.

Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers

April 19, 2006
Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers: Southern by the Grace of Goth! Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers started their hell-for-leather, Penta-caustic roadshow just over three years ago and in a short time have earned quite a name for themselves with their unique brand of American Gothic that is all-at-once irreverent, revisionist, dangerous, and fun.

David Letterman’S High School Steps up to EV

April 11, 2006
Performing Arts magnet Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis, IN, is regionally renowned as the high school attended by talk show supremo David Letterman.

Major New Dutch Artist Opts for EV, Midas and Klark Teknik Tour Package

April 11, 2006
Jan Smit recently won the important Dutch Edison Award for best singer 2006, establishing him as the brightest new singer on the scene.

Hooters Las Vegas Casino Goes with EV

March 24, 2006
The elegant new nightspot is a decked out in stylish wood and glass treatments, and aesthetics - as well as acoustics - were a top priority in the audio installation.

Apac Audio Showcases New Products at Entech 2006

March 22, 2006
Australia’s Entech 2006 proved to be a huge success, with over 500 brands and exhibitors on display.

EV Performs with Caribbean Carnival’S Biggest Stars

March 22, 2006
Machel Montano chalked up another coveted Carnival Road March title for the most played Carnival song of 2006, a title Alison Hinds has also won numerous times.

Electro-Voice’ Shows Continued Support of New Music through Sponsorship of South by Southwest (SXSW) Performances

March 20, 2006
EV and EV BLUE Microphones Score Big with Bands and Engineers Performers included Belle & Sebastian, Roseanne Cash, The New Pornographers, Mogwai, Chamillionaire, Art Brut, Nebula, and over 1396 more! Austin, TX (March 20, 2006): Held from March 10th to March 19th in Austin, Texas, this year’s South by Southwest again featured thousands of participants and showgoers, each person somehow involved in music, film, or interactive media.

EV IRIS-Net™ Comprehensive Software Platform and Netmax Networked Matrix System a Hit at Nsca 2006

March 20, 2006
They’ve hosted a series of presentations to introduce consultants and contractors to the groundbreaking new technology.

EV Launches PA Series Compact Commercial Amplifiers at Nsca 2006

March 20, 2006
The PA Series is designed for demanding sound reinforcement, background music/paging and public address system installations where long term reliability and flexibility is required.

EVIDs Work Out at the Gym

March 10, 2006
A complete compliment of Electro-Voice EVID and Sx Series speakers provide distributed audio throughout The Gym, balancing architecture-friendly looks and mounting hardware with clear sound and controlled coverage.

Fort Minor Rock Kuala Lumpur with EV

March 10, 2006
EV Equipment List: Loudspeaker system:(24) Electro-Voice XLC127+ line array cabinets(16) Electro-Voice X-Sub subwoofers Electro-Voice XLC flying hardware (4) Electro-Voice QRx115 two-way speakers for front fills (27) Electro-Voice P3000 amplifiers (18) Electro-Voice DX38 digital processors FOH system: (2) Electro-Voice DX38 Digital sound system processors Monitor system: Electro-Voice QRx115 Wedges (monitors) www.

State of the Art Synagogue Goes with EV

March 9, 2006
The New Park Synagogue East in Pepper Pike, Ohio, is a magnificent mass of gently curving geometric forms, richly textured wood, masonry and glass.

EV Microphone Endorser Rockie Lynne Tops Country Singles Sales Chart!

March 3, 2006
In just the second week of commercial release, “Lipstick,“ Lynne’s debut single, ended American Idol Carrie Underwood’s 37-week hold on the top spot.
grupo el duelo en el zuazua arena (zuazua n.l. mex.)_550.jpg

EV X-Line Makes an Impact in Monterrey

March 3, 2006
A number of major venues around Monterrey have been given the EV treatment, upping the ante and exceeding the expectations of production crews for such international touring acts as Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Garbage, Moby and The White Stripes, along with homegrown heroes like Moderno, one of Mexico’s premier metal acts.

Bigger Brit Awards, Bigger EV X-Line

February 24, 2006
BIGGER BRIT AWARDS, BIGGER EV X-LINE The annual BRIT Awards are the highlight of the British recording industry’s year, and the 2006 show reflected the impressive health of the current UK music scene by moving to a much larger London venue.

EV Ups the Ante on Gretchen Wilson Tour

February 24, 2006
“All Jacked Up“ with a chart-topping new album and the 2005 CMA Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, country music luminary Gretchen Wilson kicked off 2006 with her first headlining arena tour of the US.

Foo Fighters Complete European Tour with EV

February 24, 2006
The heavy hitters of power pop have returned to their US homeland after a storming tour of Europe’s arenas.

New Dutch Venue Set to Soar With EV, Midas & Klark Teknik

February 16, 2006
With the De Waerdse Tempel, Marcel Appelman is fulfilling a personal dream.

EV QRx Opens Door to Superior Sound at Ohio Church

February 15, 2006
Hundreds of QRx boxes have found homes in Houses of Worship across the USA, being a budget-friendly solution with which a contractor can exceed a contemporary congregation’s expectations for high quality audio.

EV SX Loudspeakers: Straightforward Solutions for High School Sound

February 15, 2006
Local full-service sound, video and lighting company Advanced Sound Technology handled the design and installation duties, working with equipment supplied by Jack’s Music of Conway, Ark.

EV ZX1 Impresses at Historic Miami Theater Reopening

February 15, 2006
A highpoint amongst Miami’s Black History Month-themed events was the reopening of the historic Lyric Theater in the city’s revitalized Overtown district, marking the completion of a 9,000 sq.

EV Brings New Life to Akron University Arena

February 10, 2006
Regional company

EVI Audio Hausmesse 2006: A New Dimension

February 10, 2006
The EVI Audio Hausmesse, the firm’s in-house trade fair, has long been assured of a place in the calendar of the global pro audio sector - a status consolidated by the 20th edition of the fair, which ran from the 27th to the 29th January 2006 and to which the team led by Telex Communications Pro Audio Group President Mathias von Heydekampf and EVI Audio Managing Director Lutz Berneke were pleased to welcome around 700 industry insiders from almost 60 countries.

EV at the Heart of Superbowl XL Events

February 8, 2006
In the week leading up to Superbowl XL, host city Detroit was abuzz with dozens of events celebrating its cultural and industrial heritage.

UnUsUaL Developments Outfit Singapore Expo Center with Extensive EV/ Telex Pro Audio Systems!

February 6, 2006
Four new exhibition halls were added to the Expo center during the last quarter of 2005, meaning the complex now features four halls over 10,000 square meters in addition to their six existing halls.

EV at Winter Namm 2006 - Highlights!

January 30, 2006
There was a particular buzz around the new EVM12L Black Label guitar speaker, the signature speaker of metal guitar icon Zakk Wylde, and the new EV/Blue microphones, the Cardinal and Raven.

Dutch Club Ups the Ante with EV Systems

January 27, 2006
Michael Sebregts of MJ Sound reported: “This brand new, 1500-capacity club is poised to become the epicenter of clubbing in the south Netherlands, and boasts a sound system second to none elsewhere in the country.

Scotland Gets First Taste Of EV XLD

January 27, 2006
With big UK chart names appearing at the events, such as Liberty X, Girls Aloud and McFly, the FMX team sought a bankable solution for their regular client.

New Hires for Telex Pro Audio Group Reps Vision 2 Marketing

January 26, 2006
Frebowitz and Taylor join Mick Beisel, Scott Floyd, Craig Bess and Rick Wallace at V2, whose territory stretches across the southeastern United States.

Berlin’S TSE AG Invests in EV and Midas

January 17, 2006
The highly respected Berlin sound reinforcement and events company TSE AG has just added an Electro-Voice XLD system to its inventory.

Sydney’S Marble Bar Reopens with EV

January 11, 2006
Total Concept Projects, Sydney, were commissioned for the installation of the audio sound system.

EV Completes Victory Lap in Manhattan

January 6, 2006
In the daunting acoustical environment of midtown Manhattan, with reflective surfaces and ambient noise to the Nth degree, Upstage Right’s two arrays of four XLD boxes provided crisp, controlled sound as NASCAR’s top ten drivers completed their victory lap from Rockefeller Center, through Times Square finishing up outside NASCAR HQ on Park Avenue for an awards ceremony and meet and greet.

Paris Casino Wins with EV

January 5, 2006
Label Equip, a sister company of Reflechison, provided the system.

EV Scores at Orange Bowl

January 4, 2006
Orange Bowl contract holders Everlast Productions of Hallandale, FL, sub-contracted LD Systems of Houston, TX, to provide solid technical expertise and 48 EV X-Line XVLS cabinets for the twenty minute halftime production.

EV ZX1: Slam-Dunk Sound for School Gym

January 1, 2006
Kendall Self of installation contractors Ace Sound, Inc.