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EV’ SxA360™ & Plasma™ Powered Loudspeakers Installed at Marin Theatre Company

December 22, 2004
“Last season I suggested the theatre management make a move towards installing a new system, as the last one needed to be replaced.

KMT Pro Audio Group Named Canadian Sales Representatives of the Year by Telex Pro Audio Group

December 22, 2004
Burnsville, MN (November 2004): Telex Pro Audio Group is pleased to announce KMT Pro Audio Group as their Canadian Sales Representatives of the Year for 2003.

Neal McCoy

December 17, 2004
Country music star and EV mic endorser Neal McCoy, his band and crew had a typically busy touring schedule this past year, criss-crossing the United States with their trusty EV microphones in tow.

Presidents of the United States of America

December 17, 2004
Chris Ballew-vocals, 2-string basitar Dave Dederer-guitar Jason Finn-drums Yeeeaaaggghhh!!! In the midst of an unpredictable election year, what better band to resurface than the once and, if they have their way, future leaders of buoyant, absurdist rock, the Presidents of the United States of America? The newly-reunited PUSA has been in the studio cooking up a new album, a new platform, as it were, for playfulness in rock, featuring 14 songs including the already hit single “Some Postman“.

Karl Denson

December 16, 2004
Karl Denson, saxophonist par excellence, got his break from Lenny Kravitz, while doing a gig for a session player named Tony LeMans.
BC Publicity Shot_550.jpg

Blue County

December 15, 2004
Comprised of vocalist/guitarists Aaron Benward and Scott Reeves, Blue County’s star continues to rise with a string of hits stemming from the success of their debut single “Good Little Girls“, from their best-selling self-titled debut CD.

Cesaria Evora

December 15, 2004
During the beginning of the following year some 300,000 copies of “Café Atlantica“ were sold on the French territory.

Dave Wolfe

December 15, 2004
Musician, impresario, bon vivant, and all-around deviant.

Dj Ashba

December 15, 2004
KYLE SPICER-Vocals Dj ASHBA-Guitars JOHN YOUNGER-Bass BONES ELIAS-Drums Founded by Warner Bros.

Go Fish

December 15, 2004
Twin Cities-based Contemporary Christian pop artists Go Fish are spreading the good Word and good times with EV mics.


December 15, 2004
The Legend of GWAR began millions of years ago when these aliens rampaged across the galaxy with a gang of space pirates called the Scumdogs of the Universe.

John 5

December 15, 2004
John began playing at the age of seven after asking for a guitar for Christmas.

Joshua Craig Podolsky

December 15, 2004
Joshua Craig Podolsky continues to make a name for himself on the super-competitive Los Angeles session scene as a first-call session guitarist.

Kreg Viesselman

December 15, 2004
It seemed like he came out of nowhere.


December 15, 2004
Innovating upon influences such as seminal experimental outfits My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, Mogwai are figureheads of the current “Post-Rock“ movement, a loosely bound genre concerned with moving beyond conventional song structures and stylings.

Niki Barr

December 15, 2004
Consider this; there hasn’t been a truly talented, writes her own stuff, plays her own guitar, rock and roll front woman that has broken the surface since the late 90’s.

Rick Ward

December 15, 2004
Top national rodeo announcer Rick Ward is a proud member of the EV family of microphone endorsers.

Snoop Dogg

December 15, 2004
Rapper, celebrity, and pop-culture icon Snoop Dogg - real name is Calvin Broadus - was given his universally recognized nickname by his father, who thought his son resembled the Peanuts character Snoopy.


December 15, 2004
Static-X has taken the music scene by storm with its blend of techno, metal and gothic influences - what the members of the band lovingly refer to as “rhythmic trancecore“.

Terri Nunn (Berlin)

December 15, 2004
Before Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, pre-Shirley Manson and Garbage and dozens of other current sensations, there was Berlin - the American Progenitor of electro-pop and sexy provocation fronted by the enigmatic Terri Nunn nunn.

The Roots

December 15, 2004
This Grammy award-winning, Philadelphia-based collective galvanized the “Hip Hop Band“ genre with a string of critically acclaimed albums, the latest of which, Summer 2004’s “The Tipping Point“ (Geffen), has even further solidified their reputation as both peerless musical innovators.

Theresa Andersson

December 15, 2004
“Connected,“ the leadoff track on singer/songwriter/violinist Theresa Andersson’s new album, Shine, celebrates that hair-raising symbiosis that can occur when a performer and audience share a moment, when both the artist and crowd are lost in song.

Travis Larson Band

December 15, 2004
Blistering rock and roll, searing progressive fusion, and haunting ballads.

Canadian pro audio leaders Apex Sound & Light install EV’ XLC™ into renovated club

December 13, 2004
“The venue is in what used to be a Vaudeville theatre.

Dutch superstar Frans Bauer on tour with EV

December 13, 2004
Holland (November 2004): Frans Bauer is one of the true superstars of the Dutch music scene.

EV’ XLC™ & P-RL™ Amplifiers used at Canadian Grey Cup Halftime Show

December 13, 2004
Ottawa-based Wall Sound & Lighting (www.

EVI Audio impresses at Moscow Music Messe

December 13, 2004
Moscow, Russia (November 2004): Running from the 23rd to the 26th of September 2004, the Moscow Music Messe, Russia’s largest and most important trade show for musical instruments and music electronics, confirmed the upward trend in the Russian MI industry this year with numerous exhibitors and a flood of visitors.
RAI exterior_550.jpg

RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam, opts for EV’

December 13, 2004
While the auditorium remains first and foremost the RAI’s largest conference hall, following the refurbishment the venue has gained an extra function; after 6pm and at weekends the auditorium becomes the Amsterdam RAI Theatre in which no fewer than 1750 people can now enjoy stage productions and musical performances.

Sales Force and Associates named Telex Pro Audio Group Sales Representatives of the Year

December 13, 2004
BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA (November, 2004): The Telex Pro Audio Group is pleased to award Sales Force & Associates, a Florida-based sales representative firm, with the top honors for the year 2003 Telex Pro Audio Group sales.

Spitzer Music brings new life to New Life Church with EV’

December 13, 2004
Alamo, Cal. (November 2004): Concord, Cal.

Sutherlin Audio take delivery on a new XLC™ Compact Line Array from EV’

December 13, 2004
Systems 2000 owner Rich Kluth reported: “Sutherlin Audio recently acquired a 48-channel Midas Legend 3000™ console from us, and I recommended the XLC to compliment the console and their inventory of Klark Teknik EQs.

40-ft. Ringo

December 10, 2004
Like gangsters in a police round-up would say: “this is our story and we’re stickin’ to it! Well, at least until we come up with a better alibi.
Carlos EVadn_550.jpg


December 10, 2004
Main vocals: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System with N/D767a head Acoustic guitar: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System Electric guitars: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System Guitar cabinet mics: EV N/D478 Bass guitars: EV RE-1 Wireless Microphone System Bass cabinet mics: EV N/D468; EV N/D868 Backing vocals: N/D767a Drums: N/D868’s for kick and floor tom; N/D468’s for rack toms and snare; RE-200’s for hi-hat; EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System and HM-7 headset microphone for vocals In addition, the band also uses SxA250’s for monitors and the Dynacord PowerMate 600 for mixing sequences and loops via the drum kit.

Chumley's Toy

December 10, 2004
Chumley’s Toy began their unique musical vision in late 2000.


December 10, 2004
In 1992, dada exploded on the scene with their critically acclaimed debut release, Puzzle (#2 Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart) on Miles Copeland’s now defunct, I.

Echo and the Bunnymen

December 10, 2004
Whipping their dazzling peacock, no, ostrich feather repertoire behind them they’re still one of the most fabulous creatures ever to have jumped out of the magic hat of British music - NME Live Review In January 2001, Will Sergeant and Ian McCulloch, the founding members, and driving forces behind Echo & The Bunnymen since 1978, were at The Dairy, a studio in South London, finishing he mixes for Flowers, their eighth full length album.


December 10, 2004
Angelo Moore: Vocals, saxes John Norwood Fisher: Bass Walt Kibby: Vocals, 3-valve brass Spacey T: Guitar Deion: Drums John McKnight: Keyboards Known for their energetic shows, political consciousness, prodigious musicianship and eclectic sound, Fishbone is a forefather of today’s crossover, multi-genre bands.

George Clinton/Parliament All-Stars

December 10, 2004
George Clinton is the single most influential figure in the history of funk, the mastermind behind both Parliament & Funkadelic.

GWAR on tour with EV’ microphones

December 10, 2004
GWAR BRING GORY METAL TO THE MASSES WITH EV MICS GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus grasps an RE1™ handheld with 767a™ head.

Heaven Davis

December 10, 2004
Heaven has been singing since she was a little girl performing for her grandmother.

Hoven Droven

December 10, 2004
The original line-up of Hoven Droven was formed at Birka Folk High School, Östersund in 1989.

LMT Connection

December 10, 2004
Leroy Emmanuel Lead Vocalist and guitarist Leroy Emmanuel has been a dedicated musician and entertainer for most of his life.

Marcus Miller

December 10, 2004
Marcus L. Miller, born the same day as one of his heroes of the drum, Elvin jones, hails from Chesapeake, Virginia, and began his musical journey at the age of three, playing drums in his mother’s church.


December 10, 2004
Rockie Lynne: Bio From a purely personal point of view, the way Rockie Lynne sees it, life doesn’t necessarily begin at birth.

Snoop Dogg & Grammy Award Winners The Roots: Rap/Hip-Hop Giant Become EV’ Microphone Endorsers!

October 4, 2004
EV is pleased to announce that rap star Snoop Dogg & Grammy-Award-winning artists The Roots have become its latest wired & wireless microphone endorsers.

Electro-Voice’ Brings About Paradigm Shift in Loudspeaker Design with Zx5

October 2, 2004
Over 20 Years Ago - 1982: EV Pioneers Composite Loudspeaker Systems with the Launch of the 100S Loudspeaker 20 Years Ago - 1984: EV Introduces the Innovative and Popular S200 Loudspeaker 10 Years Ago - 1994: EV Introduces the World’s Most Successful Loudspeaker, the Sx300 NOW - 2004: More than 20 Years and 600,000 Units Later.

Extensive EV Sound System at the New Jay Pritzker Pavilion, MILLENNIUM PARK, CHICAGO

October 2, 2004
The Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park is the new home of the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Major Electro-Voice™ (EV’) Installation at Omachi City Concert Hall, Japan

October 2, 2004
The Omachi City Culture Hall (above) has updated its sound reinforcement system with solutions from EV’, Dynacord’ and Klark Teknik’.
HOW brochure1.jpg

Telex Communications - House of Worship Catalog The difference between mere clarity and pure inspiration.

October 2, 2004
Be it a one-room mobile facility or a 10,000-person congregation, every House of Worship has a common goal: to be heard to the heavens.