The Notwist, Andromega Mega Express Orchestra in Munich: Electro-Voice marries contrasting sounds

March 9, 2009

Straubing / Munich, March 2009 From Jan. 16 through Jan. 18, the internationally successful indie band The Notwist, which hails from Weilheim, gave three exclusive concerts accompanied by the Andromega Mega Express Orchestra at the Volkstheater in Munich,. Not only did the architectural peculiarities of the venue pose challenges for sound engineers, but so did the daring mixture of indie pop, jazz, and classical sounds of both groups of performers. To meet the concerts’ requirements, a team from Weilheim-based rental company TC-Showtechnik opted for an XLD system from Electro-Voice.

In all, 18 XLD enclosures from Electro-Voice were used: an array of eight on each side plus two more serving as front fills. Martin Schulze, MD of TC-Showtechnik Oberbayern, comments:

“When a system is as good as the XLD, says Schulze, all you need to do is push the faders. Nothing more.”
“Our equipment from Electro-Voice was incredibly easy to set up and adjust, and in the last two years, I’ve accumulated so much experience with this system that I knew exactly what needed to be done for this application. For this reason, despite the complexity of the task, it was a stress-free assignment - even with the architectural oddities of the space. Normally, we never have to realign enclosures, but we did in the Volkstheater because there’s a funny kink in the seating rows. At first they mount steeply and then the auditorium flattens out before rising steeply again.“

By slightly readjusting the enclosure angles, the TC-Showtechnik team succeeded in covering the entire theater, even the awkward central area of the house without sacrificing sound quality. Now the historic auditorium holds no further terrors for Schulze and his team.

“I was really looking forward to this production,“ says Schulze. “I knew how good the rig sounds. And it sounded amazing. This was fun!“

And because the sound check took only half the time that Schulze set aside for it, even the engineers could take it easy during the show. “When a system is as good as the XLD,“ says Schulze, “all you need to do is push the faders. Nothing more.“

Equipment list (extract):

18 x Electro-Voice XLD enclosures ( PA )

6 x Electro-Voice PX1152 (monitors)

4 x Electro-Voice PX1122 (monitors)

5 x Electro-Voice Dx38 controllers

10 x DYNACORD V17 ( PA )

4 x DYNACORD D8 (monitors)

18 x DYNACORD LX3000

2 x DYNACORD H5000

TC ShowtechnikTC Showtechnik from Weilheim in Upper Bavaria forms with TC Promotion, Bayreuth, and TC Lasergroup, Weiden. Between them, the trio handles more than 1,500 productions per year. In 2008 alone, TC Showtechnik, with FOH, monitor, and other technicians, assisted with more than 200 shows in 40 countries. Among the firm’s references are sports events (like the UEFA Congress, New Year’s Ski-Jumping, and the Ski World Cup), festivals (like the Tollwood in Munich or the Bavarian Open), and tours (with bands like The Notwist, LaliPuna, 13andGod, and Liquido) as well as corporate events (for concerns like the Unicredit Group, Allianz or the BMW Group). For more information, visit persons for press inquiries:

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120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

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