Electro-Voice XLC 127DVX for large Minnesota church

December 9, 2008

Hosanna Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN has raised the bar for house of worship sound, thanks to a new Electro-Voice XLC sound system in their 2,500-seat worship center.

Hosanna is one of the Twin Cities’ largest houses of worship. Founded in 1980, the church relocated to a 22 acre campus in the Minneapolis suburb of Lakeville in 1992. The church’s 31,000-square-foot worship center was finished in 1996, and additions of a youth center in 1998 (24,000 sq. ft.) and another worship center in 2003 (62,000 sq. ft.) have expanded the church to twice its original size.

“I love the flexibility we have now; we can be very focused and specific with our sound.”

The church recently worked with Electro-Voice (whose HQ is a few miles away in Burnsville, MN) and local audio specialists Tour Supply to design and install a new sound system to address Hosanna’s growing role beyond weekend worship, as a busy venue for many groups, conferences, and national Christian acts.

Now Hosanna has a sound system that does justice to both its magnificent sanctuary and its varied daily schedule. Two main speaker arrays of eight XLC127DVX per side and six centrally flown XLC118 subs (two hangs of three, side by side) comprise the main system, with a delay ring of six FRi+122/94 speakers (in white) covering the rear seating area. Two more of the same serve as front-fills. Four ZX1 speakers act as front-fills off the lip of the stage, which also features Eliminator stage monitors. The entire system is powered by EV amplifiers: P3000, P2000, CP3000S, and Eliminator i. Two NetMax digital matrix controllers streamline system operation. A double-duty Midas Legend 3000 console is used to mix Front of House and monitors; room sound is finessed with a Klark Teknik Helix Equalizer.

Hosanna’s original system comprised six first generation XLC 127 boxes, installed when their worship center opened in 2003. Impressed with the performance of the XLC, the church began planning for a more extensive system around 18 months ago. Working with Hosanna’s Technical Director Fred Lilleboe and Audio Engineer Trevor Chick, EV’s Stuart Schatz (who had worked on the original XLC installation) prepared an EASE model of the sanctuary using EV’s latest generation XLC 127DVX system, and designed a system incorporating EV’s state-of-the-art NetMax/IRIS-Net control and processing platform.

“During the week Hosanna hosts a variety of classes and groups, each with anywhere from 50 to 300 people,“ says Trevor Chick, Audio Associate at Hosanna Lutheran. “Wednesday is our night for junior high and high school students-anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 kids can be here. On weekends we have a service on Saturday evening, and two more on Sunday; combined attendance for these three services averages over 4,000. It became clear that we needed a flexible, high-performance sound system to meet our various needs as a busy, modern church. And that’s exactly what we have now“

“Our goal was to get the most even coverage possible,“ Chick adds; “we needed the best coverage and intelligibility, high to low, and this system gives us that. I love the flexibility we have now; we can be very focused and specific with our sound, depending on the size of the groups in the sanctuary and where they’re seated. We don’t have to excite the whole room if we don’t want to. The presets in the IRIS-Net control software, coupled with the DSP and signal distribution via NetMax, make it easy to switch the system from one configuration to another, from service to concert, along with checking the performance of every amplifier and speaker component. This means we can just as quickly meet the needs of a visiting Front of House Engineer for a touring band or adjust the system for a local school group. Plus all that control is centralized in one position on one laptop; it’s all at our fingertips, making it easy to train volunteers.“

A Midas Legend 3000 mixing console at Front of House position ensures quality audio at the input end of the equation. “The Legend is a great board,“ says Chick, “I run the monitors from Front of House and there is so much control at my fingertips. Plus, of course, the preamps and EQs are excellent-they add that warm analog feel to the sound. And having the Legend integrated with the NetMax matrix adds digital flexibility and convenience-the best of both worlds. Plus touring bands and engineers are always happy to see a Midas.“

But what has pleased Chick the most is the outstanding level of customer service he and Hosanna have received throughout the process of installation.

“Most worship centers don’t have a professional audio team on-hand,“ says Chick, “I love that Hosanna can get that support from EV’s professionals when they need to. They have a great technical support team. EV has paid such close attention to detail, and they provided great service even after we made our purchase. I know EV is just down the road from us, but I know Stuart and his team offer this same standard of service to all EV customers, and that says a lot about the value of an EV system, above and beyond the great sound quality.“


System control and configuration software providing a unique set of tools with easily configured, user defined interfaces. IRIS-Net provides the ultimate in control and configuration flexibility and performance.

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Equipment List

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

120º Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

120º Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

8" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Composite Loudspeaker

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